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Let’s talk about Spiderheadnew original movie Netflix of which we write in this preview review, available on the platform starting from 17 June. Directed by Joseph Kosinskisees protagonists Chris Hemsworth And Miles Teller, in a science fiction-thriller story and setting still unpublished for the world streaming giant, but already seen in numerous other more or less recent works. The film is based on a short story called “Escape from Spiderhead”, released in The New Yorker In 2010.

In the not too distant future, the Spiderhead, “spider head” or “Arachnotesta” (as mentioned in the movie) is an alternative private detention facility, completely surrounded by the sea and led by Steve Abnesti in turn commanded by a Protocol Committee. A path of redemption for more or less dangerous criminals very different from traditional prison. Here they can coexist with each other and with their jailers without bars, in a much more relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, without dangers, at least apparently. Of course, for every pro earned, there is a cons. The inmates must in fact participate in experiments led by Abnesti himself, together with his colleague Verlaine, sometimes dangerous experiments. Each of the inmates has a small machine installed in the lumbar area that injects chemicals created by the same laboratory, a machine that is remotely controlled by Abnesti and Verlaine themselves via smartphones. Each substance, five in total, has a different function and causes effects to the subjects of the experiments, who must always consent before administration.

Drip? I agree.

The story is mainly based precisely on the effects ofN40, a substance capable of making the recipient feel instant love, attraction, excitement. Abnesti infatuates the inmates with each other, in several combinations available, until he observes whether, once the effect of the substance has ceased, remnants of good feelings remain in the guinea pigs. The Verbalux instead it is injected to have open and sincere answers from the inmates themselves when they want to discover in depth the effects and consequences of the experiments, to connect the dots and create a study. Abnesti, however, also manages to inject fear, anxiety… in short, both the positive and the negative parts of the human emotional spectrum. Create a social story through substances and then study the protagonists.

Spiderhead, review of a film not convincing enough

So far so good, but if Steve Abnesti, played by a not always convincing, but still good, Chris Hemsworth hiding something? What if the nature of these experiments hid a design? A different goal than the one shown to the inmates? It is practically taken for granted that it must somehow be like this, and this is precisely one of the problems of this film: predictability. The plot is simple and much of the time is based on dialogue, on scenes that involve a few characters and where there is no action. The part dramatic is well told through the story of the inmate protagonist Jeff and the reason why it is in this structure, but it is not enough on its own; there has to be a part thriller. The problem is that this second side of the film, which is essential to make it work, isn’t convincing enough.

The feeling is that the film script she wants to be more adult than she can, she wants to build a story of depth, but the junction of the film, the one that transforms the plot and brings it to the end, is too weak. You could get to the last scene without feeling satisfied, asking yourself a: “so what”? In short, it is impossible not to say in this review that Spiderhead it was a little wasted opportunity. A film all in all well thought out and shot, but which was not able to dare to the end remaining unconvincing, especially in the second half.


  • Spiderhead

    5.5Total Score

    Netflix original film with Chris Hemsworth substantially well shot but not very convincing in the plot, which seems to want to dare without actually doing it. The story is of little depth and not very convincing especially in the final.