returns to cinema in 4K, is the film based on Takami’s novel that inspired PUBG and other games

If nowadays we can play titles like Warzone, Fortnite, Player Unknown’s Battleground and other similar titles we must surely thank the movie Battle Royale. The master’s cult movie Kinji Fukasaku he was certainly one of the forerunners of this film genre which over the years has influenced a large number of mediums. This cinematic masterpiece is about to return to the cinema with a new fully remastered version in 4K that will allow the Italian public to enjoy the interesting survival movie in a never so beautiful guise.

The film, scripted by Kenta Fukasaku is based on the novel of the same name by Koushun Takami and sees among the protagonists Takeshi Kitano. Battle Royale is set in the near future in an unspecified Asian nation struggling with one of the worst economic and social crises ever seen. The protagonists of the film are 42 students who, selected to participate in the annual program called Battle Royale, will have to challenge each other in a battle to the death in which the last student to remain alive will win.

This is the official synopsis: “Japan. Society is overwhelmed by an unprecedented economic and social crisis. 42 students were selected to participate in the annual program Battle Royale, wanted by the government to discipline young people. Sent to a remote island, the pupils receive a weapon with orders to eliminate their classmates within three days. Guarding this cruel game is the ruthless Professor Kitano. A battle to the death begins in which there will be only one survivor“.


Initially the film in the motherland caused quite a stir. The film became the subject of parliamentary discussions and in some countries it was censored due to its excessive violence. Over time the Kinji Fukasaku film became however one of the most successful Asian works in the world. Battle Royale has in fact arrived in over 20 countries and in Japan is in the top 10 of the films with the highest grossing.

Battle Royale Director’s Cut will be released for the first time in Italian cinemas from the next October 20, 2022. Will you go see it? Please let us know by leaving a comment!

Battle Royale, among other things, has inspired very similar works such as Hunger Games and Maze Runner, novels also transposed to the cinema. Do you want to recover the novel? On Amazon it is on offer at a special price.

Source: Animeclick