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Returnal could arrive on PC according to SteamDB

Returnal is exactly that kind of game we can’t wait to talk about. The title of Housemarque attempts a feat that hardly anyone has been able to complete, the introduction of roguelikes into the mainstream market. What in fact is one of the very few PlayStation 5 exclusives features dynamic gameplay that is fun and with truly creepy colors. Traveling in the depths of that planet means constantly putting your life at risk but luckily we will have some help.

We are talking about the countless upgrades available that between passive and active manage to transform our game, even if it would be better to say run, in an instance different from all the others. The stylistic features of a rogulike are therefore all there and in addition we find a production of the highest level with an excellent technical sector and a peripheral such as the Dualsense fully exploited. Being able to play Returnal is a very strong desire of all non-owners of PlayStation 5, most gamers in the end, and being able to get your hands on it would make it even more successful than what has already been achieved.

It seems that in the last few days it has popped up SteamDB, the database that contains all the statistics and contents of the platform, a new game called Oregon that has some very special details. In the description we are talking about a third person rogulike shooterthree very unique categories if you think about it, and going to see the history of updates the doubts begin to diminish more and more.


We can read phrases like Tower of Sisyphus, Atropos, Daily Challenge and many other factors that unite this mysterious title to Returnal. Obviously if the case were just what we imagined we would be talking about excellent news that would underline even more Sony’s desire to enter the PC world, for now, however, we must limit ourselves to waiting. For other news, guides and original content, keep following us here on MonkeyBit and on our social networks.

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