retro game resolution, bad news for PS2 titles

The new PlayStation Plus Premium is finally available in Asia, which allows you to get a first look at what the classic PS1, PS2 and PSP games coming soon. But beyond that, it is possible to find out how these titles perform on the latest platforms, and if some are truly mind-blowing, others are not.

ElAnalistaDeBits he wanted to take a look and things are not going as well as many are hoping. Resolution is limited, features are inconsistent, and performance isn’t quite the best of possibilities. Which does not spare not even Sony’s 9th generation console: PlayStation 5. But what are the problems that plague some PS2 games of the PlayStation Plus Premium?

Before we talk about PlayStation 2 games, let’s take a step back to the previous generation. In this case we can say that the performance is really efficient, since the native resolution is 1440p, lowered to 1080p, as PlayStation 4 does not support such a high resolution. But on the other side of the coin we have PlayStation 2 games that hit 720p.

Also, in the video it is possible see the PlayStation 3 version of Jak & Daxter compared to the one available with PlayStation Plus Premium, and we can see that the eighth generation console runs much better. This is because there are no native PlayStation 5 versions of PS2 games, you can only play them via backwards compatibility.

And if the graphics quality isn’t the best for PlayStation 2 games, neither is the performance. In fact, the various titles have frame drops that drop between 40 and 30 FPSbased on the game being launched.

Thankfully, new features have been added to these titles, such as save states and the ability to bring gameplay back, but they are only active. for PS1 and PSP games. Also, PS3 titles can only be streamed, and have neither the features nor the ability to have downloadable content. So this new PlayStation Plus Premium has a few flaws, but it is possible for Sony PlayStation to adjust the game.