Resistance: Retribution for PS4 and PS5 spotted in South Korea

It happens more and more often that the appearance of a video game in the database of a classification body is the omen of the imminent arrival of that title on the market, and in all probability the presence of Resistance: Retribution for PS4 and PS5 on the appropriate website South Korean entity will be no exception.
Resistance: Retribution, we remember, is one third person shooter developed by Bend Studio and originally released in 2009 on the PSP. This is a prequel to the sci-fi series created by Insomniac Games that saw the light during the first decade of the 2000s on PS3.
It is therefore very likely that the game will be part of the offer of the new PlayStation Plus coming June 23 in Europe. This service, in fact, aims to offer those who decide to subscribe to the Premium subscription a large catalog of video games for PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP. Resistance: Retribution could therefore be part of this selection.

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