Resident Evil Village, the Deluxe Edition is discounted on Eneba

Almost a year has passed since that time Resident Evil Village (more properly RESIDENT EVIL VII.I.AGE) has arrived on our screens (if you missed it you can find it here our review), and we can finally say that even the most succulent editions of the title are starting to have offerings worthy of being called such.

One of these is the one we propose today, which starts (needless to say) from Eneba. The discount involves none other than the Deluxe Edition of Resident Evil Village in its version Steamlowering the price of the sixty eight percent.

This edition differs from the standard in that it contains the Trauma Digital Packwhich is a series of additional add-ons among which the gun stands out Albert01a additional difficulty level and theartbook equally digital ‘The tragedy of Ethan Winters‘.

Resident Evil Village screenshot

Resident Evil Village, the darkness we needed

From the pervading sepia color Resident Evil 7 which he brought to the series an atypical first-person viewin Resident Evil Village let’s move on to a more gloomy and classic atmosphere tending to black and white while maintaining this new point of view.

He also returns Ethan Wintersthe controversial new hero who, together with his wife and daughter already met in the previous chapter of the series, is trying to build a new life in Romania.

Balck Friday Resident Evil Village

His search for peace, however, is not destined to be successful: the sudden irruption of a handful of armed men led by a long-time acquaintance of those who love the series leads the unfortunate system engineer to get lost in the middle of a village populated by mysterious creaturesled by an equally enigmatic quintet of antagonists. Ethan he will therefore have to gather again weapons and courage in order to face this new nightmare.