Resident Evil Village in third person is a dream come true!

Resident Evil Village is thelast chapter of the historic Capcom saga originally conceived by Shinji Mikami. The brand, after the first chapters of absolute value, has undergone a slow but inexorable shift towards the action genremuch to the chagrin of historical fans.

The rebirthwhich took place with the seventh chapter, is there for all to see although some users have always complained about the change of perspective and first-person gameplay. Now it seems to be there possibility to play differently.

Resident Evil Village

During last night’s event we could see the official announcement of the game’s first DLC, centered totally on Rose (the daughter of the protagonist). Beyond that, the gold edition with this and all future paid content, while a new mode was shown and announced.

Resident Evil Village artwork

Surprisingly, Capcom has decided to satisfy the requests of the historical fans of the brand by developing a third-person mode that will allow us to experience Ethan Winters’ Eastern European adventure differently. From what is shown in the short trailer, this mode promises to revive the original playful formula with a simple, ingenious and, at least apparently, well implemented idea.

In short, the Japanese company surprised many people with these announcements and thanks to the trailer showing Resident Evil 4 remake there is a lot of hype around it.

Resident Evil Village

With Resident Evil Village Capcom intends to provide worthy support to a product that, despite some minor criticisms, turned out to be both a commercial success and a qualitative perception. The historic IP, we can say with certainty, has now risen and is able to move huge masses of people (and therefore of money).

A success that detonates the excellent moment of this great development and publication house.