Resident Evil Village: Additional DLC “Winters Expansion” delivered on October 28, online battle action “Resident Evil RE: Bath” also started service on the same day | EAA !! FPS News

Capcom said, “Resident Evil VillageAnnounced that the additional DLC “Winters Expansion” will be delivered on October 28th. Also on the same day, “Resident Evil Village Gold Edition”, which is a set with the main story, will be released, and the online battle action “Battle between popular characters in the series”Resident Evil RE: Bath』Service will also be started.

“Resident Evil Village” DLC “Winters Expansion”

“Resident Evil Village Gold Edition” Announcement Trailer

This DLC contains three contents: “Third Person Mode” to play from the third person perspective, “The Mercenaries Additional Orders” which is a power-up of the extra game “The Mercenaries”, and a new scenario “Shadow’s of Rose”. increase.

Third person mode

In this mode, you can enjoy the story mode of “Resident Evil Village” from the third person perspective. Not only those who are not good at playing or first-person perspective, but also players who have cleared it can enjoy it freshly.

The Mercenaries Additional Orders

“The Mercenaries” is an extra game where you can enjoy high-tempo action shooting with simple rules aiming for a goal within the time limit. “Additional Orders” added a stage,3 new charactersWill participate in the war.

New scenario “Shadow’s of Rose”

Set 16 years after the incident, a story about the special power of Ethan’s beloved daughter Rosemary Winters will be unfolded. She jumps into the world of mycorrhiza memory, which is a collection of memories of “that village” absorbed by mycorrhiza.

“Resident Evil RE: Bath” service started on October 28

The online battle action “Resident Evil RE: Bath”, in which popular characters from the series fight against each other, will be available on October 28th after a beta test. It will appear in battle balance and tuning based on the beta test.

The planned release date for “Resident Evil Village Gold Edition” and the additional DLC “Winters Expansion” is October 28, 2022 (Friday), and the prices are undecided.

Source: PressRelease