Resident Evil 9 will say goodbye to the Winters family, Capcom speaks

The era of Resident Evil Village is about to end. The Shadows of Rose DLC outgoing on October 28 it will be the epilogue of the family Winters. Masachika Kawataproducer of the series, said that the continuation of the saga cannot be detected at all and at the moment we only know that a remake from Resident Evil 4. Despite the intentions of Kawata however something has come out and we can now say with certainty that Resident Evil 9 will change direction, the Winters will no longer be the protagonists.

Shadows of Rose is set 16 years after the end of the eighth chapter and will be released specifically to fill any empty space inherent to the protagonist family, this is the declaration of Kento Kinoshita from Capcom to IGN US. Although the first rumors are arriving, it is still early to think about the new chapter of the saga, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition still has various novelties to offer.

To accompany the aforementioned DLC there will in fact be the possibility of replaying the title in third person which, according to the manufacturer, is a completely different gaming experience. The new path that Capcom will undertake with one of its most famous sagas undoubtedly arouses the interest of the most avid fans but it is still early to set out. All that remains is to wait anxiously and in the meantime enjoy the latest news.