Resident Evil 7, the PS Plus Collection version does not have the free next-gen upgrade

Sony has decided not to allow owners of the game via PS Plus Collection to benefit from the free upgrade

During the Capcom Showcase held the night between on 13 and 14 Junethe Japanese software house, among the various announcements that made up the event, also announced the immediate availability by all owners of Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 And Resident Evil 7 to be able to download for free upgrade to next-gen version. But unfortunately, it seems that some of the users have not been taken into account by Sony regarding the update of the seventh chapter.

The PS Plus Collection version of Resident Evil 7 does not include the free upgrade to PlayStation 5

As has already happened in other cases, such as with Final Fantasy 7 Remake given with the PS Pluseven the version PS Plus Collection from Resident Evil 7 cannot take advantage of the free version upgrade PlayStation 5. The only solution for all players who have this version is to upgrade at the cost of 19.99 eurosor get the disc version of the title (if you have the PlayStation 5 standard edition).

Obviously, this decision has made many players turn up their noses, especially those who are in possession of the aforementioned version. In fact, there are not a few players who have decided to sell the physical copy of the game in order to take advantage of the free one made available to Sony for all owners PlayStation 5 with subscription PS Plus.

Precisely for this reason, the tweet in which the Japanese giant announced the arrival of the next-gen versions for free for all its owners of the previous versions, was inundated with not exactly nice comments. Recall, that the update allows you to experience Ethan’s adventures with the Ray TracingL’3D audio and support for the DualSense. However, at the moment, it is not known whether, in the future, Sony will back down and decide to give the possibility to use this update for free also to all those in possession of the version PS Plus Collection from Resident Evil 7.