Resident Evil 4 – review – game

Capcom has found a recipe for beating old games without introducing new things. I simply played one game several times ago, mainly from Resident Evil. In the first three games, it is understandable. They had their age and their remakes made so much sense. Even games that were as young as the original version of the games played them on the current platforms. U is a little in situ in the case of the creator. It was originally released in 2005, and if I leave out the Brazilian Zeebo system, we had version 11 here. At the same time, only in 2016 did the game come out for Xboxes and PlayStations, later did the Switch version and also the VR port for Quest 2. So many of you have played the game multiple times, on different platforms. Does it make sense to breathe into its remake as well?

M. Akurt is not so clear about what you get. Evaluation is even more difficult if we don’t just evaluate what it is Resident Evil 4 remake of a good game, but it’s also a good remake. For the first time in recent years, there is really strong competition in this area. Not long ago, Dead Space was here and it was not only a good game, but also a very good remake. According to the signs, however, it seems that some aspects will not be here and it works so well. An actor? If I had to sum it up very simply, the problem is that Capcom is simply Capcom.

A lot of people talk about Resident Evil 4, but they’ve never played the game. That’s a beautiful fall. Then you can look forward to a very high-quality survival horror, which at the time of its original release was at the top of the famous series and is still among the best RE games today. The authors proved it simply by throwing the age and pillars of mercury out the window. Fixed camera? Out. Classic zombies? Out. Conquering the puzzle-solving environment? Come on out. We got an intense, organic film style, pleasantly horror-like experience, which felt fresh and modern. You can easily find all that stuff even now.

Together with one well-known RE protagonists. Leon S. Kennedy returns to the scene, an agent who works for the American government on a seemingly simple mission. So don’t assume that someone will bite him. He rescues the president’s daughter and takes her to safety somewhere in a remote Spanish village. She was abducted by the forks, if that would bother me. When a local policeman from Leon’s escort doesn’t care about a small need, you know, that would be a big problem for me.

The village is now run by a cult led by Osmund Saddler, who discovered the Las Plagas parasite in the fossils under the castle. Unlike the T-virus, which turned victims into zombies, Las Plagas mutated those victims, but at the same time made them easily manipulated. This is how he wants to rule the world, and the daughter of the American president fit exactly into this pattern. what does that mean for you? if you have a lot of fights, you should aim exactly for the head. The parasite is a very specific name for the host, which is aggressive, resistant, and in later stages also loses its human form, when, for example, its head sprouts various tentacles and similar things.

Leon will only go into battle with a sniper rifle, but over time he will expand his arsenal nicely with a single-gun, shotgun, sniper rifle, or even a rocket launcher. This village is also the place where the mysterious shopkeeper very willingly occupies the first place. Upgrade your weapons, repair them, get completely new ones, so that you can defeat even stronger enemies. But you have to make sure that you can fit it all in your suitcase. The game not only allows for its gradual upgrade, but also excellent inventory management. Here it’s really fun to shuffle things, combine them, make ampoules and light ampoules, so that you can save space and have one more weapon in your arsenal.

Resident Evil 4 was a nod to the game and the weather. Entangling the course of threats to the whole world, betrayal and help, mixed with a little Umbrella, is complemented by a lot of headshots. There are really a lot of him here (and really aim for the head, because there won’t be enough battles), but the action also has other forms. For example, you can use it to kill enemies, or you can use it to save ammunition. However, it wears out every time I use it, which is a bit of a problem. From the beginning, after the pocket, I have more new ones. They usually don’t last much longer than Leon’s, but the dealer always has to repair it anyway. It’s a bit of an ill-conceived askr vs it discourages you from playing more on the body.

The fact that the game is still relatively clumsy, annoying, also detracts from this. If here the authors wanted me to incorporate the noom action more clearly, they could have added some jumps, agile movement, etc. But stealth is not an exception either, which is probably only there so that the authors can take away one item with a recognizable function. Don’t act organically here, enemies with a lot of you are facing straight ahead or otherwise the game will go straight into the action so that you have to draw astrea weapons. Sometimes psob is really weird. With this pass, where you know how to proceed carefully and not fall, but then suddenly you have only one way forward, the enemy will kill you, or at his cry, the game will spawn enemies that will go after your neck.

Resident Evil 4 is atmospherically still a very good game. It shows how modern horror movies should be made, where the atmosphere is rife, you’ll get your hair on your ass, and some really serious enemies will help. The first time you walk along the narrow sidewalks of the village naked with a motorcycle plow, you will feel it strangely. At the same time, I also have a second face, and in the second half the title will be played by more than one person. I have never been a full fan of this transformation. You eliminate dozens of strange insects with goosebumps, you shoot more, and even the minimum of puzzles has disappeared. I don’t like this change of pace, but it will appeal to action fans.

There are not many games in the game, but the gameplay is quite pleasantly varied. You will be placing mee, various tiles, etc., to get through the inaccessible door. You will also be tempted to use them elsewhere. It’s not a new thing, but it slows you down a bit, brings something new to the game. Even though I have a lot of solutions right under my nose, but these elements really fit in well here, the game and the game as a whole work. The mix may not suit everyone, but the atmosphere, action and scary puzzles really work.

Just like the one where you have a young Ashley by your side. It is an NPC that you cannot control directly, but you can give it two simple commands, the correct application of which decides whether or not you manage to protect it. Enemies try to kidnap her, they try to hurt her, but you have to stop it. She always follows you, but you can tell her to move closer to you. If the situation demands it, you can tell her to keep her distance. It’s a better organic system than the original game, where you could send it to a hidden corner of the map to clear it of enemies. Besides, he can help me here by crawling somewhere Leon can’t reach.

This is not a mole game. I spent almost 13 hours here, which you don’t often see in singleplayers these days. That’s enough for the first pass, which wasn’t even enough for me to find the whole thing and complete the whole thing, including the content. Actually, it’s like playing when you try to fulfill the main content and knowledge goals, but you don’t need everything. On New Game Plus, you can easily do it all. Even so, there is one problem. You will not get the content that you remember from the original. Mercenaries mode is missing, which the authors added later as an update. The bag also lacks additional content, specifically Separate Ways and Assignment Ada, that is, content with Ada Wong. T is the main course, but don’t include its content together, it is not a small portion of the content. Of course, fart later as DLC.

A little bit about the remake of this remake, I don’t mean audiovisual. The gameplay is modernized, the inventory is adjusted, the control is better (although, as I wrote above, there are some bugs), playing together with Ashley is adjusted. Some of the puzzles have been reworked, but you can also find new ones here. The course is actually the same, but it is not without changes. Some things during the course are laid out a little differently, but everywhere it is the old familiar course. Similarly, some maps and other things have been modified. All so that it makes sense from the original, but the arrangement is a little different. VCapcome just didn’t fix it, it’s broken. Well, that’s probably the best.

The technical processing is somewhat contradictory. Overall, the graphics are nice, they build the atmosphere very well, the characters look good and the effects are downright fantastic. Fog, shadows, lighting are the things that give you goosebumps. But then you can read some of the texts, and they are definitely not good, but they are bad. So, a generation behind, they wouldn’t look the best even there. I understand that the development of the game was not easy, but I personally had a lot of problems with the graphics. I have absolutely no objections to dubbing, sound effects, music, mixing sounds with things that I don’t have. Capcom did it perfectly.

If this was the first time, except for Resident Evil 4, the mark would probably be higher. Even this is definitely not a disappointment, just that the game does not live up to very high expectations and that is what they are. The overall score is actually a sum of different opinions on the game, rather than a relatively recent comparison. I consider Resident Evil 4 to be a better game than Dead Space, but that’s the price for the originals. The new Dead Space is a better remake than the new Resident Evil 4. What’s more, if it gets rid of the smell of the fact that there is no content in the game that should be there. As if Capcom didn’t take advantage of this, they made a remake of Resident Evil 3 about the game. Despite all that, it’s a very good survival horror.