Resident Evil 4 Remake reviews make it the highest rated game of 2023 so far

Capcom must be beaming with enthusiasm. Resident Evil 4 Remake reviews are out today and they’ve been excellent.

“Everyone here on the development team is thrilled that the game is getting so much praise, and we can’t wait for fans to enjoy it starting March 24th,” he wrote.

This reimagining of classic survival horror for modern platforms is the highest-rated game of the year so far. On Metacritic and OpenCritic has a diameter of 91 až 93 percent.

And even the allegedě př persisting control problems in the xbox version and problems with image quality on PS5, everything should be in the full game, while raytracing již treads as it should.

The Resident Evil series sold 135 million units at the beginning of the year. and six games out of a total of thirty (in all branches, there are only eight of the main three) were rated on average higher than 90 percent. There were also seven filmsů and countless branches in comics, anime, books, etc.

  • ✅IGN 10/10
  • ✅Guardian 10/10
  • ✅PlayStation LifeStyle 10/10
  • ✅Push Square 10/10
  • ✅VG247 10/10
  • ✅TheSixthAxis 10/10
  • ✅God is a Geek 10/10
  • ✅Easy Allies 10/10
  • ✅GamingBolt 10/10
  • ✅TheGamer 10/10
  • ✅Shacknews 10/10
  • ✅VGC 10/10
  • ✅GameSpot 10/10
  • ✅The Washington Post: 10/10
  • ✅Game Informer: 9.5/10
  • ✅Metro: 9/10