Resident Evil 3 Remake next-gen: upcoming update?

Over the course of this week, a Twitter user said they had a chance to to update his version of Resident Evil 3 Remake next-gen from the digital store of Sony when he inserted the physical disk into his console. It is clear that this is only an error, in fact the user has reported the impossibility of being able to proceed with the download, positively affirming that it is not yet time, but that obviously very little is missing: that the entry of the item was not accidental? Whatever the reason, there would now be hard evidence of a upgrade that will take place shortly.

It is not surreal to expect an update of Resident Evil for the new generation, indeed it is probable and much more so is the thesis for which it should arrive in the next few days. There are several theories aimed at corroborating this hypothesis, including the news that confirmed the occurrence PEGI rating of Resident Evil 3 Remake next-genbut not only.

Another past event seems to be marching again in this wake: the recent Steam Database update. On that occasion, we recall, the game sheet had been updated with a series of QA branchwhich suggested the presence of new tests about the game.

Back in March, Capcom announced the version PS5 And Xbox Series X / S from Resident Evil 2 Remake, Resident Evil 3 Remake And Resident Evil 7stating they want to release them all during this year, while also promising free updates for anyone who already owns at least one of these 3 base console games.

We still don’t know which ones bonus will spring from the updates to come, but surely one is to be expected fps boost it’s a boost for 4k video viewing.

Also, the update next-gen it will also carry all save data from all three games Resident Evilan opportunity for those who loved the saga and wish to revisit the three games with a new plus game.