Replaced has been postponed to 2023

The reasons for the postponement are to be found in the terrible war in Ukraine.

Unfortunately, Sad Cat StudiosBelarusian development team, officially confirmed this afternoon of May 25, 2022 that Replaced it will no longer be released to the worldwide market in 2022, but has been officially deferred to a generic 2023.

Obviously the reasons for this new postponement of 2022 are not to be found in development problems, but strictly depend on the terrible war that broke out a few months ago, when the Russia driven by Vladimir Putin decided to invade Ukraine.

Replaced has been postponed to next year due to the war in Ukraine

Sad Cat Studios he then published a new message where he confirmed the postponement of the game, which we remember being arriving exclusively on consoles Xboxspecifically Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Series S and PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Below you will find the message shared directly by the development team:

Today we make the very difficult decision to postpone Replaced until 2023. In fact, unfortunately the war in Ukraine has had a heavy impact on the development of our game, as most of the authors live in the areas close to the conflict.

Sad Cat’s priority, however, is the safety of the team and their families, which is why production has been relocated and work has only recently restarted. Publisher Coatsink, parent company Thunderful and development team Sad Cat Studios were therefore forced to decide to move the release window to 2023 to ensure that the final game can make its debut in the best possible conditions.

What we can assure you is that we are continuing to work hard to bring you the quality you expect after the trailer, but at the same time we are also trying to prioritize the physical and mental health of the authors, without forcing the original deadlines that were necessarily. compromised things. “