remake to be released after the new chapter of the series

You want to know when it is fixed the release of the remake of the first The Witcher? We don’t have a precise date yet, nor a generic launch window to tell the truth, but it seems that we will have to wait quite a while.

During the investor conferenceCD Projekt’s Adam Kiciński let it be known that the open world remake in development at Fool’s Theory will see the light after the new chapter of the series code-named Polaris. “[The Witcher Remake] will come out after Polaris as a result of how we approached the project,”said the president of the Polish company. “The Witcher Remake will be built on some of the technologies we’re using at Polaris, so it will be developed in parallel with this project. Once Polaris is on the market, a portion of what was used for this project will be used in the remake.

Since development is proceeding in parallel, it is however likely that the wait between the first chapter of the new trilogy and the remake of The Witcher will not be long.

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