release date of the official crossover with Pac-Man

If the recent Marvel crossovers in Fortnite have tired you, Epic Games might have something special for you, a much anticipated crossover for next monthwhose release date would seem to have been unveiled from the official Pac-Man blog.

So far Fortnite has been the safe landing of several crossovers, however the software house behind this famous title never ceases to amaze fans with new and incredible collaborations.

If you scroll through the pages of the video game store you will find that since its launch it has included many collaborations with different films and comics.

Epic Games is also happy to be able to work alongside other developers in order to bring some of their characters into the video game, the evidence is there for all to see with some crossover with the characters of Kratos, Master Chiefand others from the world of Street Fighter V.

If the crossovers in Fortnite excite you, you will be delighted to know that it could be there soon an event that will introduce the cosmetic elements of Pac-Man within the Epic Games title item shop.

Reading an official blog post on the Japanese Pac-Man websitea crossover with Fortnite on June 2, 2022during which gamers will be able to purchase, through the item shop, some cosmetic elements based on the universe of Pac-Man.

Until now Epic Games has not officially confirmed this eventhowever, we expect that it will soon be confirmed through the official Fortnite Twitter account.

However, we would like to inform you that the Japanese blog also stated that the crossover’s release date may be subject to changewhich means that Epic Games may not reveal the event and postpone it to a future date.

However, it remains out of the question that, sooner or later, we will be able to see some elements of the Pac-Man universe in the beloved Fortnite of Epic Games.

We just have to wait for further news about it, in the meantime you will be pleased to know that the Obi-One Kenobi skin is near.