reduced DRM, Microsoft confirms. Games can be started offline

Microsoft has decided to loosen its grip on DRM with the new update for Xbox consoles. This measure, necessary for the validation of the games, has been drastically reduced for both Xbox One games and Xbox Series X games. This change of course by Microsoft, initially unearthed by a youtuber, allows players to be able to start their own physical titles, even offline.

This means, in a nutshell, that Xbox Series X and Xbox One will no longer check to validate the start of games on the consoleor at least most of them. For some titles this was clearly not possible, particularly those with a strong multiplayer component or those that have had major patches released after launch. An example above all could be Cyberpunk 2077.

Eden Marie, Xbox Software Engineer, also confirmed the update on Twitter in response to a post from Idle Sloth. “Yes, it was introduced with update 2208. We’ve been looking at the data since the launch of Xbox Series X and Series S and we’ve determined that the online compatibility checker isn’t required for most Xbox One disc games. Some games may need to be updated online after installation in order to ensure the best possible experience “writes Marie.


Other news from the Microsoft world. Phil Spencer has just returned from his visit to Japan. Microsoft Gaming’s number one spent a day in the company of Hideo Kojima. The ties between the creator of Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding and the Xbox world are strengthened. For the Redmond company, Kojima is doing something coming to xCloud. Also from the TGS, Spencer granted a series of interviews – together with Sarah Bond, Vice President – with which the commitment to producing a greater number of titles that have appeal to the Japanese public was reaffirmed. Just before the event, Spencer reiterated that the Xbox Series X and Series S would keep their current price.

Source: Twitter