Red Dead Redemption 2, new record for contemporary players on Steam

Remarkable numbers three years after its launch

Red Dead Redemption 2 will also be the less charismatic cousin of Grand Theft Auto V, but this does not mean that it is not able to grind records in turn. In particular, the game recorded the peak of concurrent users on Steam three years after its launch, demonstrating that it still has something to say.

Red Dead Redemption 2, more than 66 thousand concurrent players

According to SteamDB stats, Red Dead Redemption 2 kept 66,492 glued to the PC yesterday. The previous record was much lower and dated back to December 26, 2019, shortly after the PC launch, with around 55,000 concurrent players.

The growth of users in recent days is certainly linked to the discounted price that the game can enjoy thanks to the autumn sales Steam. In the last week it has gone from around 30,000 users on November 23rd to 60,000 on November 26th, when the previous record was broken. The peak, as we said, arrived just yesterday.

The result is sure to please Rockstar Games, which in fact has abandoned the multiplayer sector of Red Dead Online, but which sees a user equally, if not more, involved. Among other things, in the latest surveys Red Dead Redemption 2 had stood at 46 million copies sold, another boast of which few IPs can boast.