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The military FPS “World War 3 (WW3)” for PC, which is currently undergoing a closed beta test, is a three-day “World War 3” from 2:00 am on May 22, 2022 Japan time.The 3rd public stress testAnnouncement of holdingDid.

The purpose of this is to review recruits and perform server load tests in a closed beta a side noteHeld the third free play since becoming the new WW3It will be. During the period, you will get + 50% XP, so why not take this opportunity to play?

How to participate in the new WW3 public stress test

  • Free play period (Japan time): May 22, 2022 (Sun) 02:00 to May 24, 2022 (Tue) 02:00
  • Participation benefits: Increases XP earned during the period by 50%
  • way to participate:
    • For MY.GAMES:Official siteAfter logging in with, download and play the launcher
    • For Steam:Product pageAfter “Request Access” with, download and play the launcher

Steam.orMY.GAMES official websiteYou can play from either of them, so log in and play as you like.

For STEAM, you can install the game by requesting the above access from the “World War 3” product page.

After the beta period ends?

After the free period ends, from the official websiteClosed beta packYou can continue to participate by purchasing.The benefits available for each edition purchasedCan be used after open betaTherefore, if you have the benefits you are looking for, purchase them.

The most luxurious “PRESIDENT PACKYou can also perform a permanent season pass or a movie! (Approximately 500 million yen)

World War 3 | CBT Announcement Trailer

World War 3 PTE | New “WW3” Alpha Test Highly complete “Japanese voice” implementation! Comorose Collection[World War 3 PTE]-EAA

What is the recent evaluation of the new WW3?

Although it had a high reputation before, “WW3” has lost a lot of energy after its release.However, it seems that it is steadily evolving toward the commercial version, and the recent review evaluation at this time is75% “Slightly popular”Recovered to.

The open beta has been postponed, but you may expect a constantly improving operating system.

STEAM evaluation as of 4/30/2022

FPS gamers who are looking forward to “World War 3” should check “WW3” again. ((Steam.,, MY.GAMES)

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