Razer Edge from January 26 a new competitor in handhelds

After the death of Playstation Vita and the video game claim on mobileuntil the 2017the market for handheld he was considered dead. Then she came Nintendo Switch and has managed to change the whole market with its hybrid formula. It was only a matter of time that other competitors arrived with very similar concepts. Aya-Neo or Steam Decks not counting the various Chinese manufacturers trying to squeeze a whole pc in a form similar to one Nintendo Switch.

Now is the time to Razer that the January 26, 2023 will release its console based on android. The name will be edge and you can book it directly on website of the manufacturer. To grab the Razer Edge they will be needed 5$ to be put on a waiting list plus others $399.99 to get the console.

Razer Edge, good specs at an affordable price

The technical specifications of Razer Edge they talk about a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon G3x Gen 1, 8GB Of RAMdisplays from 6.8” FHD+ (i.e. with a resolution of 2400×1080) with technology AMOLED and a refresh rate at 144Hz. The console will be sold in all its variants with 128GB of memory, but will support micro SD up to a maximum of 2TB. To outline all this one camera front, exit audio jacks 3.5mm and, of course, recharge with USB Type-C.

The versions will be the basis only Wifi at the cost of $399.99the Founder’s Editionwhich includes a pair of earphones Razer Hummerhead of the value of $129.99will be sold to $499.99. It is planned to sell a version that supports one sim in 5GHowever, a release date and even a price have not yet been announced. The only thing that is known about the version with sim in 5G is that this, on US territory, will be distributed exclusively by the operator Verizon. It is not known if in Italy it will be launched together with some operators.

Razer Edge

All in all a low price for the specific offers, the doubt remains that the playful offer will be limited to only Google PlayStorethough Razer has announced that it will be possible to stream directly from Steam And Xbox Game Pass.

A console designed for a specific user that goes against Logitech G Cloudrather than Steam Decks or Nintendo Switchbut the inspiration to the console of Nintendo it is clear. We’ll see how this console fares in practice and if it will prove to be a valid competitor in the fierce competition between devices handheld.