Ray Tracing and DLSS arrive. Here is the trailer!

Portal RTX was announced during NVIDIA’s GeForce Beyond event. This new version of the game has been updated with Ray Tracing and DLSS. The trailer released during the live stream gives us a look at how the title has changed from the original version. Thanks to these new technical improvements, the gaming experience will be practically all new.

First, let’s start by saying that Portal RTX will come in the form of a free DLC for owners of the original game. The players, therefore, will be able to return to the heart of Aperture Laboratories and relive the immersive experience proposed by the game created by Valve. For the uninitiated, the title puts a strain on the player’s skills, thanks to complex puzzles and a place full of dangers around every corner. The Ray Tracing, therefore, will improve the visual experience, guaranteeing hyper-realistic lighting.

Added to this is DLSS 3, a technology created by NVIDIA. In practice, this addition uses Artificial Intelligence to “create additional high quality frames, as you can read on the official page of this new version of the game. It is also based on the new fourth generation Tensor Cores and optical flow accelerator found in the GeForce RTX 40 series GPUs.


On the site, in addition, it is said how Portal RTX was created thanks to RTX Remix. This is nothing more than a modding platform, which gives users easy access to all the tools they need to improve classic games in every respect.

Immediately below you can find the trailer. The DLC will be available starting November 2022. A precise date, at the moment, has not yet been revealed to the public. What do you think of it? Tell us, as always, in the comments! We remind you that the second chapter of the saga is available for free thanks to Xbox Games with Gold.

Source: NVIDIA