Rainbow Six Siege: World Tournament “SIX CHARLOTTE MAJOR” Winner is Dark Zero!North American legend Canadian is the third world title

Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” e-sports competition scene, the world tournament “Six Charlotte Major” is held. In this article, we will deliver the results of the Grand Final on the final day of the playoffs.

Charlotte measure is complete!

In order to decide the “Stage 1” champion, which is equivalent to the spring league match, “Stage 1” will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA from May 16th.Six Charlotte Major(Six Charlotte Major) ”is held. It was completed with the grand final on the 22nd.

  • Grand final result:
    • DarkZero Esports vs Astralis: 3-2

Grand Final BO5 to the big decisive battle over the 5th map

Astralis roaster
Dark Zero
Dark Zero roaster

On the final day of Charlotte Major, stick balloons were distributed to the visitors, and the venue was filled with enthusiasm to the extent that the voices of the casters were drowned out by the loud cheers of the fans.The grand final that we met in such a situationDark ZeroWhenAstralisIt was a perfect match to play in front of American fans in the North American showdown.

The first map of this match at BO5 is “Villa”. In an interview the day before, both players said they were confident in the size of the map pool, so the match was as close as expected and it was going into an overtime full round.But at the end of AstralisShuttleIt was a shocking curtain that the players decided the ace and won.

The “Club House” on the 2nd map has a good reputation for the stability of the DZ, but after all, the DZ overwhelms at 7-3 and heads for the “Border” on the 3rd map as soon as possible. Due to the structure of the map, this was a map that tended to be a big development, but Dark Zero suppressed Astralis with solid line-of-sight management and won 7-4. Check the map score 2-1 to win the championship.

Last day
Cheering is even more intense on the final day

But Astralis wasn’t the team that ended here either.In “Oregon” which became the 4th map, AstralisIconicThe player decided the best ambush clutch in this tournament, and the score was 4-7. The Grand Final of Major League Baseball is finally entering the final 5th map.

Dark Zero becomes champion

The final match map for the entire series was “Bank”. Dark Zero took a series of attacks and turned back at 5-1. This time, he refused Astralis’ counterattack and reached the match point 6-3 first.

Will Dark Zero, who has a huge fan base all over the world and has long been waiting for a major title, win, or will Astralis, the star of North America’s expectations, succeed in the downfall? It was the hottest North American Grand Final, but in the end Dark Zero succeeded in defending it, and the score was 7-3. At this moment, the map score was 3-2, and Dark Zero won the championship.

Captain Canadian has now won two world titles and one major title in different teams, a total of three world-class tournaments

making it a North American legend. I became a great player. Although there was a time when he was temporarily retired due to motivation problems during the Korona-ka period, he still seems to be in great shape after the resurrection.(* *First professional league victory

Is also classified as S tier, but it seems that it will not be counted because the competition scene at this time was still only in North America and Europe)
Winning trophy

With DarkZero, the winning trophy (Thermite)again,

Congratulations to all DarkZeros for the victory!In 2022 of the Siege competition scene, after a short break,Stage 2

Begins. Season 2022 continues to be dominated by the North American team, with TSM victory in Six Invitational and DZ victory in Major, but what kind of development is waiting for next year’s Invitational 2023 from here? Is it? If you’re a fan of the competition scene, don’t miss each stage 2 match!

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