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In Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” e-sports competition scene, the world tournament “Six Charlotte Major” is being held. In this article, we will deliver the results of Playoffs DAY2.

Charlotte Major Playoffs are being held!

In order to decide the “Stage 1” champion, which is equivalent to the spring league match, “Stage 1” will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA from May 16th.Six Charlotte Major(Six Charlotte Measure) ”is being held.

This tournament is the highest rank in the Siege competition sceneS tier tournamentAnd 16 strong teams from all over the world gathered.Today by the remaining 4 teamsPlayoffs DAY2Was held.

Charlotte Major Playoff Tournament Table

The four teams that have survived in the playoffs are as follows (each region, ranking order of the current stage. Nationality is based on Liquidpedia).

  • North America
  • EU (* All teams lost)
  • South America
  • APAC (* All teams lost)

Results of playoffs DAY2

  • Playoffs DAY2 (semi-final)
    • Team Liquid vs DarkZero: 1-2
    • Oxygen vs Astralis: 0-2

The one who won the amazing see-saw game …

It was the semi-final of Liquid vs Dark Zero that started from “Theme Park”, but Liquid suddenly led 6-0 in defense. Dark Zero, who changed the offense and defense but was too late to recover, was limited to returning one round, and the match moved to the second map early with a round score of 7-1.

At “Sanso” on the 2nd map, Dark Zero succeeded in responding to both attack and defense, and reached the match point first in 2-6. At the end, Canadian played an active part to protect the team 3-7. The match rushes into the third map.

In “Oregon”, which became a decider, it will be a close battle to ask each other how to get out again, and the offense and defense will be changed 3-3. However, when DZ widened his lead in defense and reached the match point first, he evaded Liquid’s onslaught at the last minute, 7-5. With a final map score of 2-1 I decided to participate in the Grand Final first.

Is BO5 advantageous for DZ?

Interview with Hyper
Dark Zero Hyper player

In the post-match interview, this BO3, which was a hot battle, was used by DZ.HyperI had the players look back.

Hyper“I’m sure I’m late on the first map with a kill. The main reason is that I’ve had too many one-on-one shots, so I’ll fix that on the next map and collaborate with other players. I made it possible and broke the defense of the other party. “

Since it was held in the United States, the cheers for the DZ echoed throughout the venue during the match. How much of that enthusiasm has reached the players?

Hyper“(Although I can hardly hear the voices of the spectators during the match) their energy has definitely been transmitted here as well.It ’s a particularly good thing about majors to be able to fight with the fans all the time... Every time I took a round, their joy was transmitted, and that was amazing. “

Dark Zero Victory Moment
Dark Zero The moment of victory

With Liquid’s defeat, the Grand Final of this tournament was a North American team showdown, but he was confident about how to fight in BO5.

Hyper“I’m glad that the North Americans have come this far. I have to win one more title, butDark Zero has a very deep map pool and supports a wide range of maps, so tomorrow’s BO5 is rather advantageousI wonder what it is. “

Astralis becomes the first major champion

This day continues to decide another team to participate in the Grand FinalOxygenWhenAstralisCrashed.

In the “skyscrapers” on the first map, Astralis took the lead 4-2 and was replaced. OXG is also fascinated by an attack with an idea, but Astralis does not allow a reversal and just gets the map with a score of 7-3.

Momentum did not stop even in “Oregon” on the second map, overwhelming OXG with 7-1. Astralis, who won the match on a 2-0 straight, decided to participate in the team’s first major grand final.

Astralis roasters were originally Disrupt Gaming folks, and until now they have been able to keep up with other well-known teams in the North American League as well as in the world.But now on stageForrestIt’s as if the players joined and became a different team.

Is Astralis confident in BO5?

Forrest player
Forest player of Astralis

What exactly changed the team? When I asked Forrest directly in a post-match interview,I changed the teamHe told me that.

Forrest“I think we’ve changed a lot in a short amount of time. The team before I joined was very conservative, old-fashioned and inflexible. After I joined, I’m a supportive player. I think we can play differently. We were a team that we didn’t like to lose, and we wanted to win somehow. I think we actually won. “

Tomorrow we will finally have a Grand Final BO5 with Dark Zero. Hyper of DZ said that DZ has an advantage in the depth of the map pool, but Forrest doesn’t seem to think so.

Forrest“We also boast the depth of the map pool, soRather, I think I can do it over there... You can play any map and no one is worried about it. “

Fans come home
Fans return home in preparation for tomorrow’s decisive battle (around 6 pm local time)

Will Dark Zero, who has many veterans, including Canadian, who has experience as a world champion, win the major championship, or will Astralis, who is currently in the best condition of the stage, win the major as it is?The grand final you care about3:00 am on May 23, Japan timeStart from.

Shortly before the big decisive battle, Siege’s in-game new season “Operation vector glareThere will also be a full-length public event, so don’t miss this too.

Delivery information

Charlotte Major’s Grand Final will be broadcast on the following channels from 2:30 am on May 23, Japan time.

esports pack
Watch the tournament on Twitch and get items

During the tournament, every time you watch the Twitch stream for a certain period of time, you will receive an esports pack containing items that can be used in Siege’s game. Don’t forget to link your Ubisoft account with your Twitch account.

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