Rainbow Six Siege: World Tournament “SIX CHARLOTTE MAJOR” DAY3 result, CAG lost, all Asian teams dropped out / all 4 local American teams playoffs

In Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” e-sports competition scene, the world tournament “Six Charlotte Major” is being held. In this article, we will deliver the results of group stage DAY3.

Charlotte measure is being held!

In order to decide the “Stage 1” champion, which is equivalent to the spring league match, “Stage 1” will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA from May 16th. Six Charlotte Major(Six Charlotte Measure) ”is being held.

This tournament is the highest rank in the Siege competition sceneS tier tournament And 16 strong teams from all over the world gathered. Not only will you have an offline match for about a week until the 22nd,The playoffs from the 20th will be held with spectators..

Also from JapanCYCLOPS athlete gaming participate with APAC (Asia Pacific) friends and fought to bring back their first title to APAC, who has not yet been a champion in the S Tier Tournament.

Charlotte measure grouping

The 16 participating teams are as follows (each region, ranking order of the current stage. Nationality is based on Liquidpedia).

  • North America
  • Europe
  • South America
  • APAC

Result of DAY3

  • Results of group stage DAY3
  • A delivery
    • Heroic vs DZ: 6-8
    • Heroic vs w7m: 7-5
    • oNe vs DW: 7-8
    • Oxygen vs DW: 7-4
    • Astralis vs Chiefs: 7-3
    • Wolves vs Chiefs: 7-5
    • CAG vs XSET: 5-7
    • CAG vs FURIA: 4-7
  • B delivery
    • Astralis vs BDS: 2-7
    • Wolves vs BDS: 7-8
    • XSET vs Liquid: 7-4
    • FURIA vs Liquid: 1-7
    • G2 vs DZ: 6-8
    • G2 vs w7m: 4-7

The APAC team fights well but does not reach the world

Cyclops vs. FURIA // Six Charlotte Major – Group Stage – Day 3

The Japanese team CAG, who is aiming to advance to the playoffs by winning on DAY3 from the state of 1 win and 3 losses, is on this dayXSETorFURIAAnd each played the second race.

The battle with XSET is set in “Bank”. CAG who entered from the attack turned back at 3-3, but could not suppress the attack of XSET and was defeated at 5-7. At this point, it was decided to lose the majors in the group stage, but after that, it will be a series of battles with FURIA.

In the first race of yesterday, and just like XSET, the CAG entered from the defense this time, but when it was pushed by FURIA and attacked four times and turned back at 2-4, it attacked. I couldn’t find a breakthrough even after turning to, and the match ended 3-7.

The final record of CAG is 1 win and 5 losses out of 6 races. They had done the task of “getting a winning star in the first match”, which was often pointed out before the tournament, but after that, it was supported by two Brazilian teams and XSET, and further development of the opponent continued as expected. I did. It can be said that it was a Charlotte major that made viewers realize the height of the world wall again in terms of both content and results.

Looking at the other teams representing APAC, Australia Chiefs Although he lost all six games in his world debut, there were some games that he missed in the round score. He also made his world debut on behalf of Taiwan, but unfortunately, he was eliminated. Dire Wolves Also in Brazil Team oNeI managed to win against the opponent with overtime of 7-8, and further growth is expected for the summer league match.

Thailand’s team, which was originally supposed to be the number one team in the APAC ranking Elevate However, it was painful that I couldn’t even come to the venue due to visa problems, and it was a tough stage 1 major for the APAC team, where good winds did not blow from all directions. However, I would like you to continue fighting after stage 2 with the experience and regret that you have gained.

The decisive battle goes to the playoffs

The entire group stage schedule has ended today. After this, after a day off, the playoff tournament at the venue with spectators will finally start.

Playoff tournament
Playoff tournament table

From here onward, the single-elimination of all games BO3. Only the final day of the Grand Final will be held at BO5.

Group B was in great shape Liquid Is a star team that succeeded in dropping from 4th place in the European ranking to 2nd place in the group.G2 Crash. Group C leader Dark Zero Has a major championship experience (although the roster has changed)Team oNe Play against.

Perhaps because it is held locally, all four American teams that are in particularly good shape at this tournament have succeeded in advancing to the playoffs. Astralis Is also from North America XSET And confrontation. and oxygen the opponent is the French team, who has been expected to win the title offline many times. BDS It will be. Which of these eight teams will win the championship?

Delivery information

Charlotte Measure is available on the following channels.

esports pack
Watch the tournament on Twitch and get items

During the tournament, every time you watch the Twitch stream for a certain period of time, you will receive an esports pack containing items that can be used in Siege’s game. Don’t forget to link your Ubisoft account with your Twitch account.

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