Rainbow Six Siege: World Tournament “SIX CHARLOTTE MAJOR” DAY2 result, 2 North American teams decide to break through the group / Japan CAG loses in a row to DAY3

In Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” e-sports competition scene, the world tournament “Six Charlotte Major” is being held. In this article, we will deliver the results of Group Stage DAY2.

Charlotte Major is being held!

In order to decide the “Stage 1” champion, which is equivalent to the spring league match, “Stage 1” will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA from May 16th.Six Charlotte Major(Six Charlotte Measure) ”is being held.

This tournament is the highest rank in the Siege competition sceneS tier tournamentAnd 16 strong teams from all over the world gathered. Not only will you have an offline match for about a week until the 22nd,The playoffs from the 20th will be held with spectators..

Also from JapanCYCLOPS athlete gamingIs participating with APAC (Asia Pacific) friends. We will fight to bring back our first title to APAC, which has no connection with the champion in the S-tier tournament.

Charlotte measure grouping

The 16 participating teams are as follows (each region, ranking order of the current stage. Nationality is based on Liquidpedia).

  • North America
  • Europe
  • South America
  • APAC

Result of DAY2

  • Results of group stage DAY2
  • A delivery
    • BDS vs Wolves: 7-5
    • Astralis vs Wolves: 7-4
    • Oxygen vs DW: 7-2
    • oNe vs Oxygen: 5-7
    • G2 vs Heroic: 7-3
    • G2 vs w7m: 6-8
    • XSET vs FURIA: 4-7
    • CAG vs FURIA: 7-3
  • B delivery
    • Heroic vs DZ: 5-7
    • w7m vs DZ: 4-7
    • XSET vs Liquid: 5-7
    • CAG vs Liquid: 3-7
    • Chiefs vs BDS: 4-7

Japan CAG bets on DAY3 with 2 games and 2 losses

The major of the Japanese team CAG has entered the group stage DAY2. The first match of the day was an immediate rematch with Liquid, who lost on DAY1, and the map became “Oregon.”

It was a CAG that came in from the attack,AnitunLiquid against the tactics using the player MontagnePaluhPlayers put out Oryx, and moreAsKCAG will change the offense and defense 2-4, such as being at the mercy of the player’s attack.

Even after turning to defense, underground defense was a CAG that was protected with a single sheet of paper, but Liquid’s skill in ray management and quick cover continued to be disadvantaged by the number of people, and no breakthrough could be found. .. Liquid wins with a final score of 3-7. CAG will continue to the 4th game.

The second race is the Brazilian team that will finally meet in this tournamentFURIA.. In an interview on DAY1, CAG showed that there was a chance to win among the three teams in the match, but FURIA who entered from the attack on the stage of “bank” will set up at an unexpected game speed. After taking the first two rounds in a row, CAG then allowed a continuous rush and was quickly turned 1-4.

CAG managed to return one round and attacked 2-4, but the tempo was disturbed by FURIA, which peaked bullishly in defense, and the match point was scored first in 3-6. Even with a time-out, FURIA, who had consistently pushed forward, did not change his mind, and CAG dropped the second game of DAY2 with 3-7.

CAG, who was provisionally at the bottom of the group due to the result of DAY2, wants to manage to reach the second place or higher in the match between XSET and FURIA tomorrow on DAY3 and advance to the playoffs.

Group B standings

North America plays an active part, two teams break through the group stage

Other than Group B, the playoffs are starting to be decided little by little.

Group A in North AmericaOxygenHas 3 wins in 3 races, and it is decided to advance to the playoffs regardless of the result of DAY3. Considering that the 20th is a mid-day break, it can be said that we succeeded in exiting the group stage in an ideal way for the playoffs.

Group D is also from the North American teamAstralisHas decided to break through the group stage with the strength of 4 races and 4 wins.This is the flagger who leads the teamIconicAthletes at the current tournament1st ratingThere are high expectations for the birth of a new hero in the Siege world.

On the other hand, it is one of the leading teams in Asia.ChiefsHas 4 races and 4 losses. It was a world debut for them, but it was a tough result for the Australian team as they were eliminated at the end of DAY2. The whereabouts of Group C, a group of powerful players, have been carried over to DAY3.

Besides this day, LiquidNeskPlayers and XSETSpiritzThe player wins the ace. Dark Zero veteranHyperIt was a day with lots of highlights, such as the act of celebrating the player’s 22nd birthday with a cake.

There is only one day left for the group stage. The Asian team is currently inferior, but the results are unknown until the end. Don’t miss each match starting at 11:30 pm Japan time on the 18th.

Delivery information

Charlotte Measure is available on the following channels.

  • CAG match schedule (all in Japan time)
    • VS XSET (2/2): May 19th, 8:10 am
    • VS FURIA (2/2): May 19, 9:40 am

Group league tournament distribution is divided into streams A and B, and two games are played at the same time. One of them will be distributed in Japanese, so if you want to watch the game in the other, please watch it in English.

esports pack
Watch the tournament on Twitch and get items

During the tournament, every time you watch the Twitch stream for a certain period of time, you will receive an esports pack containing items that can be used in Siege’s game. Don’t forget to link your Ubisoft account with your Twitch account.

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