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At Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege”, the world competition “Six Charlotte Major” is underway. On May 21st, a new operator will appear in the next new seasonSensTrailer has been released.

The new operator is Sens

“Rainbow Six Siege” “Operation Vector Glare” CGI Trailer

In the new trailer released on May 21, the name of the new operator that will appear in the next “Operation Vector Glare” will beSen(Sense)Attack operatorTo be. The name of the new gadget is “ROU projectorThat is.And as a new weaponAssault rifle POF-9It turned out to be equipped with.

SENS is the Doc team “Doc” introduced the other day.Wolf guardIt seems that he will participate as a member of.

What is a ROU projector?

ROU projector
Tire-like gadget “ROU projector”

From the trailer, the ROU projector is a small tire-shaped gadget,Producing green light like a wallYou can see that.

Also, this gadget bounces when it hits an obstacle, and the angle of the wall of light seems to change accordingly, like a Siege operator, rather than the strength of the gadget itself.Player ideas and skills are importantIt can be inferred that.

By the way, what is this gadget for doing? I’m curious about its characteristics.

The smoke wall that is generated seems to be able to change the angle freely

All information will be released on May 23

Rainbow Six Siege_ Operation Vector Glare CGI Trailer _ Ubisoft [NA] 0-28 screenshot
It seems that the new weapon has a drum magazine

Sens is another new weaponPOF-9I have.This gun is an assault rifle, but on the trailerDrum magazineI was able to confirm that it was attached. The number of bullets per magazine is large, and it seems to be highly useful as it can be brought into the current environment where the high ability of LMG type weapons to succeed is being discussed.

What kind of operator is Sens?Regarding the profile and specifications of the unique gadget that you are interested in, it is the last day of the Charlotte Major that is currently being held.2:30 am, May 23, Japan timeWill be released just before the Grand Final.

  • Title: Rainbow Six Siege
  • Release date: December 10, 2015
  • Applicable models: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC (Steam.)

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Rainbow Six Siege: New Operator
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Rainbow Six Siege: New Operator