Rainbow Six Siege: Participating in the World Championships! CYCLOPS athlete gaming special interview / Succeeded in starting the white star! What is your strategy for DAY2?

In Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” e-sports competition scene, the world tournament “Six Charlotte Major” is being held. This time, we interviewed the team CYCLOPS athlete gaming who are participating on behalf of Japan.

Six majors are participating! CAG Special Interview

In order to decide the “Stage 1” champion, which is equivalent to the spring league match, “Stage 1” will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA from May 16th.Six Charlotte Major(Six Charlotte Measure) ”is being held.

CYCLOPS athlete gaming(CAG) is participating as the only team representing Japan and one of the Asian national teams, but this time we had the opportunity to interview EAA !! with the CAG members who finished the two games of DAY1. I did.

  • CYCLOPS athlete gaming member(From left)
    • BlackRay
    • SuzuC
    • gatorada
    • Ayagator
    • Anitun
    • Fuji3 (coach)

(* The interview was conducted after the Liquid war on DAY1)

How are you preparing for the first match?

Anitun player

When asked if there was pressure to play in majors on behalf of Japan and Asia, he is one of the most versatile players in the world. Anitun The player showed that he was already adapting to the major stage, saying, “There is pressure, but it doesn’t hinder playing as usual.”

On the other hand, casters and other media have pointed out that CAG has not won in the first round of the world championships so far. This was the first big checkpoint in the tournament, Fuji3 The coach said, “We also knew that we were vulnerable to the opening round.”

Fuji3 “I think it worked (in the XSET match) to focus on that and try to be aggressive while not being overwhelmed by the atmosphere and tension.”

Anitun “I definitely wanted to win the first game. We all watched the game properly, did some research, and decided to win the first game and make a flow, but it was a good win. “

How do you fight in Group B, which is almost all about Brazil?

Group B.CAG is 4th in the tiebreaker, but all teams are lined up with 3 points

In this grouping, CAG is in Group B, which has many Brazilian players, including players from the American team XSET. Can you be as bullish as the Brazilian team, known for its aggressiveness?

Ayagator First of all, there are various things that players can say “aggressive” about that point, “We read the timing and have a peak that the opponent dislikes, so that kind of aggressive (as imagined from the Brazilian team) It’s different from that, “he said.

Ayagator“Being able to peak from the other side means that if you wait, you have a chance, so conversely, it may be easier (to fight against a rival team in Group B).”

Anitun“We are strong against the peaking team, so I think (this combination) was a little better.”

About the defeat in the Liquid game from the victory in the XSET game

Regarding the background of losing 2-7 in the Liquid game after turning from the victory in the XSET game, it seems that there was no time between the first and second games.

gatorada “XSET and Liquid are teams with completely different styles, so I couldn’t switch between the first and second games in terms of feelings. I couldn’t give Liquid a valid play style, so tomorrow’s second game will be I would like to adjust that and take on the challenge. “

gatorada “XSET is a team that hits the front, but Liquid is a team that is waiting for us to hit. We also grasped Liquid’s style once, so we are not hit but a defensive style If you go, I think you can beat Liquid in the second game. “

For DAY2, FURIA match

Only on DAY1FURIAThere is no match with, and we will play from DAY2. I’ve lost to this team once in a BO1 match before, so even though the roster has changed since then, I have a feeling for it.

However, I got the impression that FURIA is not a subject of particular caution from the stories of the CAG members.

Japanese delivery schedule
Japanese delivery schedule

gatorada“I think FURIA is an opponent that we are good at, so if you watch the video carefully and check how to fight, I think that you can win.”

Is there a “strategy preservation” to prepare for the majors?

Stage 1 CAG Looking back at the pick map. As the map pool has increased to 9 maps from this season, CAG has less play in “cafes”, “borders” and “villas” with the Asian team.

With this in mind, are there any strategies that are being preserved or hidden towards the majors? When I asked the viewers’ highlights after DAY2, BlackRay According to the players, there is nothing to hide.

BlackRay” It may seem like something is hidden to the viewer, but from the back, it’s just that they don’t seem to win (on a map with a small number of matches).”

Thank you to everyone at CAG. Following the Korean team DWG who played an active part in 2021, CAG will advance to the major playoffs in 2022, and I would like to further accelerate the current movement that the world is reviewing the evaluation of APAC as a whole.

The World Championship “Six Charlotte Major” will continue until May 22, local time.

Delivery information

Charlotte Measure is available on the following channels.

  • CAG match schedule (all in Japan time)
    • VS Liquid (2/2): May 18, 3:50 am
    • VS FURIA (1/2): May 18, 9:40 am
    • VS XSET (2/2): May 19th, 8:10 am
    • VS FURIA (2/2): May 19, 9:40 am

Group league tournament distribution is divided into streams A and B, and two games are played at the same time. One of them will be distributed in Japanese, so if you want to watch the game in the other, please watch it in English.

esports pack
Watch the tournament on Twitch and get items

During the tournament, every time you watch the Twitch stream for a certain period of time, you will receive an esports pack containing items that can be used in Siege’s game. Don’t forget to link your Ubisoft account with your Twitch account.

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