Rainbow Six Siege: “OPERATION VECTOR GLARE” for the new season “Victory is decided in the mind of the strategist”

Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” is in the middle of Year 7 Season 1. On May 15th, the next Year 7 Season 2 “Operation Vector Glare” was officially announced, and a new teaser with a person who seems to be a new operator was released.

R6S New Season “Operation Vector Glare”

Year 7 Season 1 has come to an end, and the time for information disclosure for the new season is approaching.

The title of Year 7 Season 2 is “Operation vector glare“. The new operator was announced in February to be from Belgium, but other details are unknown at this time.

Even if you do it by force, you will only reach the limit.Victory is decided in the mind of the strategist

Check new maps and new weapons

This time, because the new operator Azami of Year 7 Season 1 was a defense operator.Attack operatorIt seems likely that it is.

RedditIn community conversations such as, the map seen by the new operator and the weapon placed above the image are the focus of attention.The map will be available in the new season as the layout does not match any existing map.New map for team deathmatchIt is expected that it may be.

For the gun that has a unique shape of stock, which is reflected above, POF-USA’s assault rifle “PSG 9mmIsn’t it? (Reference:Defensive Review).Also, you can see a little on the rightGolden gadgetHowever, it is probably the unique gadget of this new operator.

The title “Vector Glare” seems to suggest the function of the unique gadget, but it seems difficult to read at this stage. “StrategistBecause of the word “(Strategist)”, it may be an operator who requires ingenuity and ingenuity, which is suitable for the tactical shooter Siege.

Y7S2 “Operation Vector Glare”May 22, local time, The whole picture will be released on the last day of the World Championship Charlotte Major.From JapanCYCLOPS athlete gamingWill participate with Asian friends,TwitchThere is also a viewer privilege that you can get an e-sports pack when you watch the game at, so don’t miss this tournament where the stage 1 champion is decided.

  • Title: Rainbow Six Siege
  • Release date: December 10, 2015
  • Applicable models: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC (Steam.)

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Rainbow Six Siege: New Season
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Rainbow Six Siege: New Season