Rainbow Six Siege: New Season “Vector Glare” All Information Summary / “Screen Shake” Off Function / Privacy Protection Function Update, etc. (2/2)

In Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege”, the whole picture of the new season “Operation Vector Glare” was released on May 23, Japan time. In this article,Items to be added / corrected in the new seasonI will explain about.

Introducing new elements of the new season “Vector Glare”

Wolfguard led by Doc is the protagonist

The new season “Operation Vector Glare”, which will start on June 7, local time, will be held by the team “Doc” led by Doc.Wolf guardThe spotlight is on, and the Battle Pass items are mainly related to the members of Wolf Guard.

Of course the new operatorSens(Sense) also appeared.Join the Wolf Guard and join the unique gadgetROUIt is a unique operator who can control the line of sight more diversely than ever using. For more information on Sens, check out this article.

New functions “Screen shaking off” and “Streamer mode” functions added

Screen shake intensity setting
You can turn off the screen shake effect

Two new features have also been added to the options menu.

One is”Screen shakingIs an option that can be turned off. The effect of screen shaking when within the impact range of explosives is eliminated. It’s a detriment to reality, but it’s a rather useful feature, so make good use of it when an update comes.

Streamer mode

The other isPrivacy menu enhancementsSo, the setting menu for streamers is getting closer to completion.

It is possible to display a nickname instead of the UBI ID, hide the avatar image, or change the setting such as changing to the specified image, which greatly damages the stream snipe of the distributor, which has been regarded as a problem in the past. It is expected to reduce.

“Player evaluation system” started in earnest

Crack down on the harmful behavior of the playerPhase 1 of “Player Evaluation System”Will appear.

What will be introduced this timeReverse Friendly Fire (Reverse FF) PenaltyIt is about. Until now, even if reverse FF was turned on, it was canceled when the match was over, but for players with too bad intentional FF, for example, “Reverse FF will remain on for the next 20 matchesMedium- to long-term penalties will also occur.

Implementation of “tactical timeout” function

Until now, the custom game “” that was played using the “timer stop” functionTactical timeoutHowever, this feature is actually implemented in the game as well.

By utilizing this function, it will be possible to execute a timeout with an action on the team side without relying on the spectator (this function cannot be used in normal random matching battles such as rank and quick match).

Eliminate the grace period for new operators (competition scene)

In the e-sports competition scene, there was a grace period (Grace Period) that “new operators cannot be used in the competition scene until 3 months (1 season) have passed since they were implemented” since Year 3 Season 4. ,This isWill be abolishedIt was decided.

therefore,At the start of the Year 7 Season 2 environment, Azami and Sens will make their debut in the competition scene at the same time... It is interesting to see how much difference each professional team makes in research, but on the other hand, both Azami and Sens are operators who need to understand Siege’s game system and ingenuity, so how to use the new operator? If you don’t know what to do, the professional examples will be a great reference.

Roadmap rescheduled, new map to season 4

Japanese roadmap

In the roadmap released in February, it was said that a new map will appear in the next season 3, but due to development reasons, this isPostponed to Season 4It was revealed that it will be done.

Test server May 24th, release June 7th

You can test the new content of Year 7 Season 2 “Operation Vector Glare”The PC version of the test server will be available from May 24, local time... If you have a PC version of Siege, be sure to take part in the test and provide your data and feedback.

also,Season update date is June 7, local timeIt was also announced that. If you’re playing on the consumer version of Siege, prepare for the update details for this day.

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