Rainbow Six Siege: New Season “Vector Glare” All Information Summary / Long-awaited “Shooting Range” / TDM New Map “Close Battle” / GLAZ Super Strengthening etc. (1/2)

In Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege”, the whole picture of the new season “Operation Vector Glare” was released on May 23, Japan time.In this articleItems to be added / corrected in the new seasonI will explain about.

Introducing new elements of the new season “Vector Glare”

Wolfguard led by Doc is the protagonist

The new season “Operation Vector Glare”, which will start on June 7, local time, will be held by the team “Doc” led by Doc.Wolf guardThe spotlight is on, and the Battle Pass items are mainly related to the members of Wolf Guard.

Of course the new operatorSens(Sense) also appeared.Join the Wolf Guard and join the unique gadgetROUIt is a unique operator who can control the line of sight more diversely than ever using. For more information on Sens, check out this article.

“Shooting range” where you can use weapons freely appears

A wide variety of weapons have appeared in Siege, each with its own unique stats, but until now the only way to practice each weapon individually was to use terror hunt mode.

In Y7S2, we have newly specialized in weapon practice, “Shooting rangeWill appear. You can access this shooting range from the Learning menu.

Shooting training ground 02_02 for articles
Recoil practice / verification mode
Shooting training ground 03
Damage verification / practice mode

In the shooting range, operators and weapons can be easily switched, and ammunition can be replenished indefinitely, so it is easy not only to practice pure recoil control, but also to compare the operation feeling of each weapon and attachment, and to compare damage and distance attenuation. became. It will help players to understand each weapon faster.

Team Deathmatch new map “close combat”

New map close combat
New map close combat 02
The wall color is painted separately for each area

As foretold in the February roadmap, the new map “Team Deathmatch”Close combatWill be implemented.

Inspired by a training facility in Greece, this map is made up of parts reminiscent of the stadium map used in the Invitational Limited Time Mode “Road to SI”. On the other hand, unlike Siege’s normal battle map, it is unique that you can see the blue sky when you go upstairs.

The whole “close combat” is a two-story structure, which is as large as a medium-sized competition map, but the walls of each room are painted in various colors, making it easy to see where you are. increase.

In addition, there are more walls that can be destroyed than in a normal battle map, and you can make a powerful line of sight with high-powered weapons and explosives.

Addition of operator guide

Operator guide

Explained the basic operation method of each operator “Operator guideWill be implemented. In addition to tutorials on operator-specific gadgets, you can also check explanations of general-purpose actions such as labeling with videos, so that you can smoothly learn the minimum terms and actions to remember.

This function is mainly for beginners, but it is convenient to check even during online battles.

Up to 3 sub-weapon slots

Glaz 02
Up to 3 sub-weapon slots

In Y7S2Up to 3 sub-weapon slotsAll sub-weapons that had disappeared during the balance adjustment, such as the Amaru sub-shotgun ITA 12S, will be revived. Other than Amaru, it is a revival of hand guns, but it is good news for those who were not good at machine pistols.

  • The operator who returned the sub-weapon that had disappeared
    • Dokkaebi: C75 AUTO
    • Gridlock: SDP 9mm
    • Amaru: ITA12S
    • Kali: P226MK25
    • Clash: P-10C

Bearing-9 will be newly provided to two people

In addition, some changes to the existing operator have been announced, and the attack operator’sGlaz(Graz) is strengthened. From “Speed ​​2 / Physical Strength 2” to “Speed ​​3 / Physical strength 1It will be updated to “, and the operation will be more focused on attacks and the maximum health will be reduced.

Machine pistol for sub weaponsBearing-9With the addition of, it is suitable for a speed 3 operator, and it is easier to turn around at a short distance.

This Bearing-9 is a defense operatorTachankaIt is also provided to (Tachanka). The DP, which is one of the main weapons, has a low rate of fire, and as with Glaz, it has been difficult to fight at close range.

Glaz 01
Glaz turned to speed 3 and even got Bearing

Test server May 24th, release June 7th

You can test the new content of Year 7 Season 2 “Operation Vector Glare”The PC version of the test server will be available from May 24, local time... If you have a PC version of Siege, be sure to take part in the test and provide your data and feedback.

also,Season update date is June 7, local timeIt was also announced that. If you’re playing on the consumer version of Siege, prepare for the update details for this day.

  • Title: Rainbow Six Siege
  • Release date: December 10, 2015
  • Applicable models: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC (Steam.)

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