Rainbow Six Siege: Japan Team CAG participation!World tournament “SIX CHARLOTTE MAJOR” schedule announced, get limited reward by watching the tournament

In Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” e-sports competition scene, the stage 1 world competition “Six Charlotte Major” will be held from May 16th, Japan time. Prior to the opening, the entire schedule of this tournament, in which the Japanese team CAG will also participate, and information on special benefits for viewers were released.

“Charlotte Major” starts May 16th

BORN TO BE CHAMPION | Six Charlotte Major Trailer

In the Siege competition scene, “Stage 1”, which is equivalent to the spring league match, has ended, and soon from May 16th, the world tournament “Stage 1” will decide the champion team of this stage.Six Charlotte Major(Six Charlotte Measure) ”will be held.

It is a tournament where the best 16 teams of the stage gather from all over the world, but also from JapanCYCLOPS athlete gamingWill participate with APAC (Asia Pacific) friends. The teams of APAC as a whole, including Japan, have not yet won the S-tier tournament like the majors, so this time we are paying attention to whether we can bring back the first title of our long-cherished desire.

Group & match schedule

In the major, 16 teams are first divided into 4 groups,Group stageWill be done.After that, the top 2 teams in each group, a total of 8 teamsPlayoffs(Single elimination tournament) was held and the lastGrand finalThe champion will be decided.

Charlotte measure grouping

The Japanese team CAG enteredGroup B.. In the same groupTeam LiquidWhenFURIATwo Brazilian teams and North AmericanXSETThere is.

Brazilian teams dominated the top spots at the 2021 World Championships and became a hot topic, but Liquid, the leader of the Brazilian team, was also in the top six of all the big competitions last year. ____ is inside.Although it is a genuine strong enemy, what is CAG?Past two battle experiences(BO1 wins CAG, BO3 loses).

Although FURIA has nothing to do with the titles in the world, it has relaunched in March with two players, and its ability is unknown. What is CAG?I’ve been fighting once in InvitationalAt this time, I was defeating CAG by a large margin of 1-7.

This is their first meeting with XSET in North America, and they will be their first major appearances as a team. Coach Budega was also a coach for the former Brazilian team MIBR, so be wary of those who have a different style than other teams in North America.

The whole match schedule isTop page of Siege eSports official websiteIn addition to checking the ones in Japan time,Liquipedia tournament pageThe ranking of each group will be updated in real time.Detailed data such as player results and progress of each roundSiegeGGIs easy and convenient to use.

The CAG match schedule is as follows.

  • VS XSET (1/2): May 17, 2:20 am
  • VS Liquid (1/2): May 17, 3:50 am
  • VS Liquid (2/2): May 18, 3:50 am
  • VS FURIA (1/2): May 18, 9:40 am
  • VS XSET (2/2): May 19th, 8:10 am
  • VS FURIA (2/2): May 19, 9:40 am
    • All Japan time. Compliant with the official e-sports website

Group league tournament distribution is divided into streams A and B, and two games are played at the same time. One of them will be distributed in Japanese, so if you want to watch the game in the other, please watch it in English.

New season information

On May 22nd, the last day of the major, the annualNew season unveiling eventWill be delivered on the same channel.

For the next Year 7 Season 2, “Year 7 RoadmapThere is no information other than “, but on May 13th,”WolfguardA teaser video featuring a new team called “(Wolf Guard)” has been released, and it seems that this is also related to the content of the new season.Appearance is announcedNew operator from BelgiumBesides, the long-awaitedShooting rangePay attention to the implementation of.

Viewing benefits

In this tournament as well, by watching the tournament for a certain period of time on Twitch’s official Siege channel in each country,esports packCan be earned.This pack is insideNo duplicationSo, instead, the battle pass goes onBattle pointsYou have a chance to win.

esports pack
Items included in the e-sports pack (partial)

This pack includes one of the operator’s e-sports sets.Ying(in),Mozzie(Mozy),Maestro(Maestro),Ace(Ace),Melusi(Merci) items are included (one of uniforms, headgear, weapon skins, and charms per pack).

  • Pack acquisition conditions:
    • May 16th-18th, 20th, 21st (match days excluding the Grand Final)
      • 1 pack for 4 hours viewing. Up to 1 pack per day
    • May 22 (Grand Final)
      • 1 pack for 1 hour viewing. One more pack for 3 hours viewing. Up to 2 packs a day

If you’ve never won Twitch Drops before, firstThis siteDon’t forget to integrate your Ubisoft account with Twitch.

eSports thermite
eSports Thermite

To commemorate Charlotte MeasureThermite bundleIs also on sale at the in-game store. 20% of the sales of this item will be added to the prize money of the tournament.

also,Various e-sports items with a professional team motif can also be purchased at a 20% off sale price during the Charlotte Major period (16th to 22nd)... Get these items, where 50% of your revenue goes back to your team, and support your team with your peers.

Charlotte Major will finally open from May 16th. Fans are encouraged to support each team as long as they do not affect their health, paying attention to the time difference (13 hours) from the local area.

  • Title: Rainbow Six Siege
  • Release date: December 10, 2015
  • Applicable models: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PC (Steam.)

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