Rainbow Six Siege: Japan Team CAG Participates, World Tournament “SIX JÖNKÖPING MAJOR 2022” Starts November 21st / Get an eSports Pack by Watching Streams

Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” will hold a world tournament “SIX JÖNKÖPING MAJOR 2022” (hereinafter referred to as Jönköping Major) with 16 teams in Jönköping, Sweden from November 21st. . On the 16th, a spectator guide covering the schedule and distribution viewing benefits was released.

Jönköping Major takes place November 21st

The Jönköping Major is one of the “Six Majors”, the world tournament of the Siege competition scene held three times a year, and will be the last major of the year. It will take place in the city of Jönköping, Sweden, within the local esports event DreamHack Winter.

In this major, the Japanese teamCYCLOPS athlete gaming(CAG) will also participate. A total of 16 teams, the best 4 teams from 4 regions around the world, will gather and clash with each other in an offline spectator environment with the aim of becoming the major champion.

  • group stage: 21st to 23rd (held in Stockholm without spectators)
  • play off: 25th and 26th (Audience held at “DreamHack Winter” held in Jönköping)
  • grand final: 27th (same as above)

Participating team

group stage team chart
  • APAC (Asia Pacific) League
    • CYCLOPS athlete gaming
    • SANDBOX Gaming
    • Dire Wolves
    • FURY
  • european league
    • Team BDS
    • Wolves Esports
    • MNM Gaming
    • Heroic
  • south america league
    • w7m esports
    • Team Liquid
    • FaZe Clan
    • black dragons
  • North American League
    • Spacestation Gaming
    • TSM
    • Soniqs
    • Mirage Esports

First, in the major, the 16 participating teams are divided into four groups,group stage” was held. There will be a double round robin (2 matches per round-robin) within each group. The top two teams from this group stage, a total of eight teams, will advance to the next playoff tournament.

Japan team CAG as Asia’s topGroup Awas incorporated intoCAG’s rival, who is ranked 14th in the world at the moment, has been gaining strength this year in the European Siege world, which is full of powerhouses.MNM Gaming(World ranking 10th).Despite being a veteran of South America, he overcame the slump and made a comeback to the majors with the current roster.black dragons(World ranking 35th).And put former player supr as general manager, and in stage 3, he finished 2nd in North America.Soniqs(World ranking 18th).

Looking at the ranking by region, CAG, which was ranked first in league matches within the Asian region, has the most influence within the group. But on the other hand, CAG have never made it past the group stage in any major they’ve played in, so whoever they face is something to keep an eye on. Furthermore, the Asian team as a whole has never had a chance to win a major title, so I’m looking forward to seeing them bring the crown back to Asia this time.

match schedule

Match schedule for A distribution (Japan time is local time + 8 hours)
Match schedule for B distribution (Japan time is local time + 8 hours)

the group stageA deliveryWhenB deliveryIt will be divided into two (both in English.Click here for Japanese version). CAG match scheduleJapan timeis as follows.

  • 21st 6:30 pm: vs Black Dragons (1st time, B delivery)
  • 11:50 pm on the 21st: vs MNM (1st time, A delivery)
  • 22nd 6:30 pm: vs Soniqs (1st time, A delivery)
  • 11:50 pm on the 22nd: vs Black Dragons (2nd time, A delivery)
  • 6:30 pm on the 23rd: vs MNM (2nd time, B delivery)
  • 11:50 pm on the 23rd: vs Soniqs (2nd time, B delivery)

There is a time difference of 8 hours with the local Sweden, but all 6 games6:30 p.m.or11:50 p.m.Because of that, it is a relatively easy time for Japanese fans to see.

The new season public event will be held on the first day

In the Six Major, the next big update, Y7S4 “Operation Solar Raid” will also be made public.

This is a public event for the new season that is usually held just before the Grand Finale, but this timeIt will be held on the 21st, the first day of the group stage.Please note:

New season viewing benefits

By watching this new season’s public distribution, you can get exclusive Caveira skins and exclusive charms that can be used in the game.TwitchIf you want to watch onTwitch Dropsdistributed to accounts asYouTubein chat to watch onexchange codewill be published.

For information about Operation Solar Raid so far, see this article.

Delivery viewing benefits

There will be Twitch Drops again this time

This time, by watching the tournament on Twitch for a certain period of time, in-game items are randomly enclosed “esports pack” can be obtained. As new skins, you’ll have a chance to win the Dokkaebi and Vigil esports sets, which are only available in this pack.

Esports packs do not duplicate items, but if duplicates are detected, you will earn Battle Points that can be used to advance the Battle Pass.

  • Time Required to Earn Twitch Drops
    • Group Stage and Playoffs (5 days total): 1 pack for 3 hours of viewing. Maximum 1 pack per day
    • Grand Finals: 1 pack for 1 hour of viewing. 1 pack for 3 hours viewing. Up to 2 packs per day

The 2022 competition scene has finally come to an end. The results in the majors are also related to the right to participate in Siege’s largest tournament “Six Invitational 2023” to be held in February 2023, especially since CAG is currently within the participation range of the Invitational. Become.

If you are a fan of the Japanese competitive scene, don’t miss the Jönköping Major starting on the 21st local time.

  • Title: Rainbow Six Siege
  • Release date: December 10, 2015
  • Applicable models: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (Steam)


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