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Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” has started Y7S2 “Operation Vector Glare”. While “Stage 2” started in the e-sports competition scene, Ecl9pse talked to Ecl9pse from the stage 1 champion team Dark Zero.

Interview with Ecl9pse from Dark Zero

Tyler “Ecl9pse” McMullinThe player is one of the veteran players who has been in official competitions from the very beginning of the Siege esports scene to the present day, and is currently one of the North American teams.Dark ZeroI belong to.

Dark Zero is a team that has maintained stable results not only in the North American League but also on the world stage. At the Charlotte Major World Championships held in May, he defeated powerful teams from other regions and rival teams in the United States, and became a brilliant stage champion.

This time, Ecl9pse talked about the state of Dark Zero at the time of the championship and the preparation for stage 2 (* This interview was conducted immediately after the end of the major).

EAA: Congratulations on winning the Charlotte Major! How do you feel about holding a trophy in front of a large crowd?

Ecl9pse:Thank you! Being the one who lifted the trophy at the end of the tournament was very pleasant but complicated. The very moment I won the championship was unrealistic. It felt strange that the non-stop competition for a whole week suddenly ended with ourselves becoming the champion. I can’t express it in words, but it’s a mixture of relieved and inspiring things.A wonderful mood like no otherwas.

EAA: BO5 with Astralis was a phenomenal close battle. Looking back on the match, was it a difficult fight? Or did you carry it as planned in advance?

Ecl9pse: Overall, for tournamentsI was readyI think. One of our weaknesses that has continued since the last Invitational was the feeling that “the map pool hasn’t reached the level required for championship level competition.” This time, I tried to get the hang of all the maps so that I didn’t choose only the maps that I was good at, and I was able to pick maps that other teams would not be good at.

DarkZero Esports vs. Astralis // Six Charlotte Major – Grand Final – Day 6

Ecl9pse: In each match, the match with Team Liquid was the most distressing. There was something that didn’t go well from the start, and there was something that came mentally, but since we are an experienced team, we were able to accomplish it on the 2nd and 3rd maps and win the competition. I thought I was well prepared for the final. Partly because they were against Astralis in the same North American region, but how they play throughout the tournament.Sufficient video material and researchBecause I had.I knew how to make room for the other team and how to prepare..

EAA: Stage 2 will start soon after a short vacation. The victory will be a particular concern for other teams, but what are you going to focus on to keep your performance at current levels for Stage 2?

Ecl9pse: Our plans for the next stage are completely different. Competition in the North American League continues to grow over time, so all you need to do to improve isBeing stronger than before, rather than keeping the level of playis. Take a closer look at the results of the tournament to see what was good, what you can learn, and what you need to do to be better.

Siege competition scene stage 2 is in progress

From June 14, Japan time, the competition scene “Stage 2“Has started in sequence. In the North American region to which DarkZero belongs, the first round, which was held from midnight to morning Japan time, ended, and DarkZero decided to start with a good victory with 7-2 at the “theme park” against the beastcoast opponent.

Will Dark Zero maintain this strong performance and be able to make consecutive appearances in the summer six majors?

On the other hand, Stage 2 will start on June 15th in the APAC North League, to which the Japanese team belongs.

From now on stage in APACNo more APAC playoffs, North and South, the top two teams will automatically participate in the majors. This makes each match more important than ever in a regular league match.From JapanCYCLOPS athlete gaming,FAV gaming,FNATIC,REJECTDon’t miss the APAC on stage now, with 4 teams participating.

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