Rainbow Six Siege: crossover with Yakuza arrives

Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio And Ubisoft recently announced that i two universes from Rainbow Six Siege And Yakuza they will collide. No karaoke challenges in that of Chalet, rest assured: simply two themed aesthetic aspects, they see Echo show off the traditional clothes of Kazuma Kiryu And Hibana wear those of Kaoru Sayama. We are not sure that elegant clothes are the most suitable for infiltration operations, but on the other hand you know what it is like, right? You don’t need bulletproof vests if you don’t get hit. The two Yakuza bundles, which will arrive in Rainbow Six Siege in the course of the day tomorrow, will also include special aspects for operators’ weapons. In closing, the presentation trailer also anticipates a new Elite skin coming to Echo.

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