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Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” will reveal all information about the new season “Operation Solar Raid” on November 21st. Prior to that, on the 14th, the covert specialist team “Ghost Eyes” that will be featured in the new season was revealed.

New team “Ghost Eyes” released

Y7S4 (Year 7 Season 4), the last major update in 2022, is titled “Operation Solar Raid”. As a new map “Nighthaven Labs(Nighthaven Lab)” has been announced.

This was followed by a new teaser on November 14th, revealing the team that will be featured in the new season:ghost eyes” has been published.

ghost eyes
Images suggestive of Ghost Eyes Operators

The appearance of Ghost Eyes is foreshadowed at the time of Y7S3, and in the gameNookOnly the camera device of (Nook) showed a spider mark. Ghost Eyes operator Nokk himselfZero(Zero) appeared in Grim’s trailer.

ghost eyes operator

Membership of each team is as of Februaryharry’s boardis published viaRedditYou can easily check it in the enlarged image with annotated by the user of .

  • ghost eyes operator
    • Nook
    • Zero
    • Caveira
    • Flores
    • Vigil
    • Maveric
    • Lesion
    • Mozzie
    • Zofia
    • Glaz
    • Valkyrie
    • Warden
    • Iana
    • New operator for Y7S4

The veteran Zero aka Sam Fisher also belongs, but the team leader isCaveira(Kaveira), Harry’s board also has a photo of his face,Y7S2’s comicbut”Caveira’s teamThere was a statement.

Y7S2's comic
From the Y7S2 comic

Doc’s team revealed at Y7S2wolf guard” specialized in support rolls with non-lethal weapons and recovery gadgets, but you can see that “Ghost Eyes” gathers operators with gadgets used for information gathering, enemy information disruption, and sneaking.

Not yet published areThermite teamWhenHibana teamis. Thermite’s team seems to specialize in destruction, with a focus on explosive gadgets. Hibana’s team “has a wide range of skill sets to handle any scenario,” he said.Y7S1’s comicAlthough Azami (Azami) was added and was active, the team name was not revealed.

Will the new operator be information or sneak?

new operator
The new operator’s unique gadget looks like a helmet

I’m not familiar with this teaserHelmetis also shown, which matches the new operator that briefly appeared in the previous teaser. It seems that the new operator that will appear in Y7S4 will also join this Ghost Eyes. As a unique gadget, the helmet probably has some kind of function.

The details are unknown, but the fact that he is a member of Ghost Eyes is a big hint. The new operator is also a “covert specialist” like Caveira and Zero,information gadgetorGadgets used for covert actionis expected to be What can you see through that helmet?

Full release on November 21st

Full information on Y7S4 “Operation Solar Raid”November 21st local timeToUbisoft YouTube Channel(The Japanese version is unknown at this time).

With the new season revealed to feature Caveira’s Team Ghost Eyes, what new environments will open up for in-game battles? Don’t miss the official announcement on the 21st.

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