“Rainbow Six Siege” collaborates with “Nier Replicant”! “MAVERICK Replicant Set” featuring the motif of the main character and the white book | EAA!! FPS News

Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” will reveal all information about the new season “Operation Solar Raid” on November 21st. For this new season, we also announced a Maverick item set in collaboration with “Nier Replicant”. It will be released on November 21st.

Siege and NieR series collaboration announced

Ubisoft’s tactical shooter “Rainbow Six Siege” by Square Enix“Nier” seriesWe will be collaborating with

What was announced this time is the action RPG “NieR Replicant”, the first in the series.main character(Nier) and the “sealed book” that speaks human languagebook of whiteAn item with the motif of Siege’s attack operatorMaverickIt will appear as a skin for (Maverick). Available November 21st in the Siege in-game store.

Rainbow Six Siege_ Maverick NieR Replicant Bundle Trailer 0-33 screenshot
NieR collaboration items appear as skins for Maverick
book of white
White book is also an item (probably a weapon charm)

Are there any other items related to the “NieR” series?

ainbow Six Siege_ Maverick NieR Replicant Bundle Trailer 0-42 screenshot
“The YoRHa Soldiers Are Coming”

movieAccording to the description, there are other collaboration items with the “NieR” series.Year 7 season 4 panel deliveryIt will be published in

This distribution is the new season “Operation Solar Raid”, an event that introduces new operators, new maps, and various other contents at once.TwitchorYouTubeYou can watch it at

Siege has collaborated with various games and video works so far, but a surprise announcement was made for the new season. What other items will appear in the “NieR” collaboration? Don’t miss the Year 7 Season 4 panel on November 21st.

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  • Release date: December 10, 2015
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