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In Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” e-sports competition scene, “RJL Replacement Battle 2022” will be held on November 19th and 20th to determine the teams that will participate in next year’s domestic league “RJL 2023”. will be

“RJL Replacement Battle 2022” held

In the siege competition scene in Japan, KAWASAKI SCARZ became the annual champion with overwhelming strength.BDSfinished with the victory of

The domestic siege competition scene seems to have ended for the most part this year’s schedule, but on November 19th and 20th, “X-MOMENT Rainbow Six Japan League shunting match 2022” is held. We will decide the 3 teams that will participate in the next season’s league match “RJL 2023”.

Tournament composition

About shunting
Swap battle rules

This year’s replacement game is “Stage 1”, “Stage 2”, “Last Chance”3 partsIt is

In “Stage 1”, which will be the first match on the 19th, the ninth place in the league yearPSG EsportsMore and 10th placeSengoku Gamingclashes. The winning team advances to Stage2.

  • Stage 1: Irregular BO3 by the 9th and 10th teams of the year of RJL2022. 1 map advantage for the 9th place team
    • Matchup: PSG Esports vs Sengoku Gaming
    • Winning team advances to Stage 2

In “Stage2”, one team won Stage1 and three teams ranked 6th, 7th, and 8th in “RJL 2022”. And the top 6 teams with excellent results in the open tournament “RJO 2022” in which general teams can participate. A total of 10 teams will participate.

The 10 teams are divided into two groups (A and B) and play BO1 single round robin (round robin). Top 1 team from each group. A total of 2 teams will participate in “RJL 2023”.

After that, the second place teams of Groups A and B will face off in the “Last Chance”. The winning team will be decided to participate in “RJL 2023”.

  • Stage 2: BO1 single round robin with a total of 10 teams of RJL and RJO divided into 2 groups
    • The top 1 team from each group, a total of 2 teams will participate in “RJL 2023”
  • Stage 3: The second-placed teams of Groups A and B will face off against each other.
    • Winning team qualified for RJL 2023

Participating team

  • RJL 2022 teams (5 teams, RJL 2022 top order)
    • DONUTS USG (6th place)
    • REJECT (7th place)
    • IGZIST (8th place)
    • PSG Esports (9th)
    • Sengoku Gaming Fukuoka (10th place)
  • RJO 2022 participating teams (6 teams)
    • ENTER FORCE.36
    • Schwarzer Land
    • father’s back
    • Chim Chim Team

Support campaign to receive official items

gift campaign
The banner used by RJI will also be given as a gift.

Win official Siege goods in the replacement battlesupport campaignwill also be implemented.

If you apply from the application form that will be guided in the distribution on the day, more than 50 applicants will be selected by lottery, and RJL 2022 goods sold out at RJI 2022, 6 collections popular with Siege fans, etc. will be presented.

Also, it was displayed on the stage of “RJI 2022”, which can never be obtained outside of this campaign.bannerwill also be presented.

Details of how to apply are in the distribution on the day andX-MOMENT Official Twitterwill be notified.

Delivery information

sub_guest players
Guest players of sub-delivery

Players who are active in RJL top teams (Ramu., Pyon, OkOmEsH) will appear in the sub-delivery. You will be able to watch and comment on the exciting battles of the teams that will be facing each other in the future together with the fans.

“RJL2022 Exchange Battle” will be distributed on X-MOMENT’s official YouTube channel for both main and sub. again,Siege Japanese Official Twitch Channelwill also be delivered.

  • main delivery
  • sub delivery
  • Performer
    • Main broadcast live commentary: Tomozo, Furida, CrazyPapiyoN, Okayama
  • sub delivery
    • Day 1: Ramu. (Fnatic)
    • Day 2: Pyon (KAWASAKI SCARZ), OkOmEsH (Crest Gaming Lst), Okayama

What kind of drama will be born in the important replacement battle that predicts the Japan Siege competition scene next year? Please pay attention to the fierce battle over the two days.

  • Title: Rainbow Six Siege
  • Release date: December 10, 2015
  • Applicable models: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (Steam)


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