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Ubisoft’s “Rainbow Six Siege” is in the process of Year 7 Season 3 “Operation Brutal Swarm”. On September 21st Japan time, six new team items from the professional teams competing in the Siege competition scene appeared in the in-game shop.

6 New Bundles of R6S Pro Team Items Available

In the Siege in-game shop, items from professional teams active in the eSports competition scene are on sale.

Eligible teams are based on performanceTier 1“When”Tier 2”, and on September 21, Japan time, item bundles of 6 teams of Tier 2 were newly lined up in the shop.

  • Newly Itemized Team
    • 00Nation (Brazil)
    • Dire Wolves (APAC)
    • Fury (APAC)
    • MNM Gaming (Europe)
    • Parabellum Esports (North America)
    • REJECT (APAC, Japan)
  • pro team set
    • price:
      • 720 R6 credits each
      • 10% off 648 R6 credits for Year 7 Pass holders
    • set content:
      • 1 weapon skin
      • operator card background

REJECT items also appear for the first time

REJECT item.2-piece set of weapon skin and card background

Among the items on sale this time are the Japanese professional teamREJECTitems are also included.

REJECT is currently competing in the Asian league APAC North and the domestic league RJL. This is the first time that REJECT items will appear. Bundle includes F2 (for Twitch) weapon skin and operator card background with REJECT team logo.

Pro team items are part of a revenue sharing program called “R6 SHARE”, and you can purchase them forThe team also gets 50% of the revenueIt’s how it works. Support each team by purchasing items.

Get ready for the Six Major in November

“SIX MAJOR HIBANA Bundle” with the theme of November’s major

Currently, in the world’s esports competition scene, the 2022 league match “Stage 3” is underway until the end of October.The top performing teams in this league match will be held in Asia in November.Six MajorYou can participate in (the specific host country has not been announced).

In the in-game shop, Hibana’s “SIX MAJOR HIBANA BUNDLE” is also on sale. 20% of the sales revenue will go into the Major’s prize pool.

Keep an eye out for the Siege esports competitive scene as well as the new environments for Year 7 Season 3.

Overseas teams are also scheduled to visit Japan!Japan’s highest peak game “Rainbow Six Japan Invitational 2022” Final tournament will be held from November 5th to 6th / Pre-sale of tickets from October 1st

  • Title: Rainbow Six Siege
  • Release date: December 10, 2015
  • Applicable models: PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (Steam)


¥3,850 (As of 2022/09/10 12:18 | Amazon research)

Up to 10 times the points only now! /


Source: R6 Esports Official