Rainbow Six Extraction, the new Nightmare Fog event kicks off

Nightmare Fog is the new Rainbow Six Extraction event that will put players’ skills to the test

Rainbow Six Extraction kicked off a new one Crisis event named Nightmare Fog What will be available until June 2nd. The event in question will strain the senses of all Operators due to one toxic fog that invades the Containment Zones.

But the news did not end there: this new update adds a new deadly enemythe Proteo Vigil, and will make available the possibility of obtaining Additional XP in order to increase by ten levels Operators taking advantage of the new Prestige system.

Rainbow Six Extraction kicks off the new Nigthmare Fog event

The effects caused by the toxic fog will be devastating: the level of neurotoxins inside the Operators will gradually increase. Furthermore, as if that were not enough, after some time from the exposure, the toxin will begin to create psychedelic effects that will make Operators see imaginary enemies, will cause them visual disturbances and deterioration that will cause damage.

However, it will be possible to heal yourself using crates of Neurostim which may be within the map which will temporarily remove the effects of the toxin. But be careful: the number of boxes is limited. This will force every single player to implement specific and very precise strategies in order to be able to grab the precious care.

In addition to Nightmare Fogwill also be available new content made available to players, including:

  • Ten new levels of Prestige progression
  • The new enemy Proteus Vigil
  • The new adrenaline gun
  • Five new Crisis Studies
  • Themed charms to hold
  • Extra XP in Milestone Progression

All owners of Rainbow Six Extraction can enjoy all this new content for free on all game release platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. For more information on gameplay and tips you can view the official site.