PS5 will surpass PS4 sales in 2024, according to Sony

During the day Sony Interactive Entertainment shared some new information, quite interesting, concerning not only PS5 but also the whole division PlayStationwith the CEO Jim Ryan which confirmed among other things how they will want to continue supporting PS4 until the 2025.

Well according to what was declared by the good Ryanin that of the Japanese company believe that PS5 can exceed the units sold by PlayStation 4 in a couple of years, precisely in the year tax 2023 which runs from the month of April 2023 to March 31 2024.

Obviously it is good to specify how this sales forecast of PlayStation 5 from Sony Interactive Entertainment it’s about the same time frameso they absolutely do not refer to sales made by PlayStation 4 throughout the life cycle.

PS5 will sell more units than PS4 in fiscal year 2023

In fact, we report as al March 31, 2022 PS5 has been able to sell 19.3 million of unity around the world, while instead PS4 has passed i 117 million of units placed since the official launch, which took place in the now distant 2013.

Made these necessary clarifications, according to the forecasts of the Japanese giant PlayStation 5 will manage to exceed the sales achieved by PlayStation 4 in the same amount of time, placing over 20 million units worldwide in the’fiscal year 2023.

Below is a message shared directly by Daniel Ahmad:

Offering has been a key concern for PS5 since launch. The current projection predicts PS5 at 18 million + for April 2022 – March 2023 (versus 17.7 million for PS4 in the same time frame). It looks like April 2023 to March 2024 will be the key year in which the new Sony console will sell more than 20 million and surpass the aligned PS4 launch.