PS5 PRO and new Xbox Series pop up in some TCL Technology slides

The rumors that they would like the arrival of a version PRO or enhanced by PS5 PRO And Xbox Series X have been going on for some months now. Between alleged leak, rumors and various speculations, it is difficult to admit that this situation is easy to understand for the average user. If we then add that the basic versions of the current consoles next-gen they are still a mirage for many players, it is clear that the distrust of many users is partly justified.

TCL Technology sets the release of mid-gen PS5 PRO consoles and new Xbox Series for 2023/2024

As if that weren’t enough to throw further fuel on the fire, the hardware components company thought about it today TCL Technology which during a conference included the arrival of the versions in some slides PS5 Pro and new models of Xbox Series during 2023/24.

The news was also highlighted by the chat Tom Henderson which often reports news related to the videogame industry with some precision, and the images that you find attached in the tweet that follows leave little room for interpretation.

According to what is highlighted in the slides, therefore, within two years Sony And Microsoft should make their respective debut on the market “half generation” consoleknown as PS5 Pro And “newXbox Series. Regarding the technical specifications both consoles would have as a resolution target i 2160p and point to 60/120 FPS in render. However, the output possibilities up to 8K And 60/120 FPS. As for the console GPU, this should be a custom of the current one RX7700XT.

Obviously all this information needs some important clarifications. The slides published by TCL Technology are absolutely NOT to be interpreted as a sort of official announcement of the new consoles. The company has in fact collected and published this information as a kind of forecast/guess based on the time currently elapsed since the official start of the current generation and the arrival of the “half generation” expected precisely for 2023/2024, as happened in the last generation which saw PS4 and Xbox One welcome its enhanced versions after three / four years after the release of the original consoles.

According to the latest rumors on the Japanese front, Sony would be making a console enhanced with double the power of PS5, while as regards Xbox at the moment it seems that a new hardware called project edinburgh seems to be in development, but it could actually be a portable console.