PS5 is a success in China but loses positions in Italy

Despite the limited supply available, PS5 is a huge success in China

Sales of PlayStation 5 for this fiscal year they were not like Sony expected, due to the few stocks available worldwide that did not allow the new console of the Japanese giant to impose itself on the market. Nonetheless, the China seems not to suffer from this problem and the console is selling lots of units in Chinese territory. PlayStation 5 is in fact tripling the sales of PlayStation 4 relating to the same period.

These data were disclosed during a briefing that Sony held this morning, in which the company analyzed various sales data and not only those relating to the China. Surely those related to the most populous country in the world stand out, but there are also other data to take into consideration and which also concern our country.

PS5 drops in position in Italy

By analyzing the data made available by Sonywe can see how the Chinawith regard to PlayStation 4were in eleventh positionwhile now it has leapt in sixth. As for theItalyon the other hand, the data is falling: in era PlayStation 4 he was at sixth placewhile now it is not at. Obviously, this negative note is due to the fact that the console is not available in our country.

As for the other positions, however, the first remains unchanged with the United States that command the rankings both in regards PlayStation 4 that PlayStation 5. The other positions, on the other hand, see more or less the same nations as protagonists but occupy different positions (with the exception of the presence of the Brazil for PlayStation 4 which gives way toSaudi Arabia) and therefore: Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, Canada And Australia.