PS5, how much electricity does the Sony console consume?

The online portal D-day has published a new in-depth article dedicated to the energetic consumption from PS5next generation console of Sony Interactive Entertainment arrived in the Old Continent on November 19, 2020.

And this survey carried out by the online portal mentioned above is definitely valuable, given the recent and consistent ones to say the least increases which hit hard bills concerning precisely theelectric energywhich have led more than a few players to wonder about the costs that so-called superfluous activities now entail.

How much does it cost to play PS5 for an hour on an OLED TV?

Among these we obviously also find a simple game of the brand new video game you just bought for your own PS5. And if you’re worried that video gaming is now a bit too expensive a hobby to carry on given the increases in bills mentioned above, don’t worry because in this article we try to shed some clarity on the matter to actual consumption which involves a normal gaming session on Playstation 5 from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

So taking into consideration the tests carried out by D-dayin reality the costs to be faced to play the new generation console of the Japanese giant are not so excessive, consequently being able to be borne by practically every purchaser of PS5which we recall has a current price of 550 euros in the version with Blu Ray reader e 450 euros for the All Digital one.

Going into the specifics of the matter a little more, the configuration tested by the above site was the one that saw the use of a Playstation 5 with a OLED TVs from 48 incheswith both devices plugged into a smart plug Meross which he is capable of measure consumption.

Obviously it is very important to point out how i consume vary on the basis of a whole series of elements, such as for example the television on which it is played and its thumb, the title that you have chosen to play and finally even if you have chosen to face a session of online gamingwhich consequently also requires full-time use of a modem to connect to the internet.

Anyway D-day he chose Cyberpunk 2077 as game for PS5by activating the mode HDR so as to have the maximum possible consumption with the television used, theOLEDs sony A9set in Game mode, without VRR but calibrated on D65 for the white balance, to reduce the brightness peaks and consequently limiting consumption a little.

The TV used by the site has a consumption of 92 Watts in mode HDRwith the default settings, while instead the launch template of Playstation 5which has slightly higher fuel consumption than subsequent revisions, consumes just over 200 Wattswith the integrated power supply which is 350 Watt.

So after an hour of playing in those conditions, with Cyberpunk 2077 in performance mode a 60fps he consumed 0.34 kWhthat with current electricity costs, set at more or less 0.60 euro/KWh, one hour of play with PS5 it cost approx 20 cents.

According to IIDEAthe trade association of the video game industry in Italy, an average user of Playstation 5 plays 3.3 hours per week, spending accordingly approx 66 cents a week to play. And taking these data into account, multiplying them by a year we get a weight of approx 35 euros to play games on the next generation console Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Obviously, however, things change if you play much more, with an average of two hours per day which raises the price a 3 euros per week and therefore accordingly about 150 euros per year. Having reached the end of this article, we would like to specify how these data should not be taken as the absolute truth, given that consumption changes from title to title, with the television used which obviously causes energy consumption to change significantly.