PS5, Drift issues reported to DualSense after the latest firmware update

Some users are experiencing problems after installing the latest update.

Reportedly, the latest firmware dedicated to the DualSense from PS5 is causing some problems drift at the stick to a large slice of the public, with many users who in fact have decided to report on Reddit the appearance of this annoying problem following the installation of the new update dedicated to the controller of the new generation console of Sony.

In fact, going a little more into the specifics of the issue, according to some users, the download of the firmware update DualSense 0307downloaded via PC, caused the drift to the analog stick during the various gaming sessions.

Fans are experiencing PS5 DualSense drift issues after the latest update

Also, according to what these players have reported, their PlayStation 5 it worked correctly before download the updateafter which the left stick started showing annoying problems with driftcausing the now infamous automatic movement of the characters within the various titles.

One user specifically stated that he was playing a game before stopping his gaming session to download his own the update of the controller PS5. And once installed, the pad even got stuck.

Obviously it is good to point out that this is a report not officially confirmed by Sony Interactive Entertainmentso we just have to wait for more information to find out if this new update really causes problems to the controller DualSense from PlayStation 5.

But precisely in this sense we ask you to tell us, through the space reserved for the comments of our social channels, if you too have found some problems with your pad for PS5 after installing the new firmware update released in recent days directly by the Japanese giant.

Finally, we remind you that the controller has a design very similar to the DualShockalthough it comes with a number of new features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.