PS4 will be supported by Sony until 2025

During the last question and answer session with investors, Jim RyanCEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment he said he plans to continue releasing headlines on PS4 until the 2025. In this way, in fact, the company from the Land of the Rising Sun aims to keep its console alive, thanks to 117 million of units sold worldwide, for another three years from now.

In fact, according to what was declared by the good Ryanfrom 2025 onwards provide that the PC should represent about the 30% of the productions that will be immense on the market from the division PlayStationwhile the cabinet should represent the 20% of the games released during that fiscal year. Obviously the rest 50% is occupied by PlayStation 5with PS4 which therefore does not present in any way in these new forecasts.

PS4 will continue to receive games until 2025

At this point, therefore, we can confidently say that starting from the fiscal year 2025 Sony Interactive Entertainment will no longer release titles cross genas for example has happened up to now with Horizon Forbidden West, Gran Turismo 7 and with the future God of War Ragnarök which are available on both PS4 than on PS5.

Thanks to this new information shared directly by Jim Ryanwe know that Sony Interactive Entertainment will concentrate most of its efforts to bring its products to as many people as possible in the coming years, obviously offering an eye towards the world PC and of that mobile.

At the end of this article, we remind you that the Japanese company will invest heavily in live service in the coming months, investing in the 2025 the 55% of resources on the production of games and services, while the remainder 45% it will be invested in the production of securities single player.