PS3 and PS Vita, Sony confirms the inability to transfer games between the two platforms

After the surprise update, Sony confirms that it will not be possible to transfer games between PS3 and PS Vita

It just looks like that Sony do not want to abandon PS3. Just a few weeks ago, in fact, the Japanese giant had surprisingly released a new update for PS3 And PS Vitabut many users are having problems with the transfer of games between the aforementioned consoles after installing the latest update.

The transfer of games between PS3 And PS Vita it was a feature that was found to be beneficial to several users who used it, but what is happening it is not a technical problem or some bugbut rather of something wanted precisely by Sony.

Sony confirms that it is no longer possible to transfer games between PS3 and PS Vita

The confirmation, in fact, comes from the company which, in a FAQ related to the update recently released for both consoles, states the following:

As of May 11, it will no longer be possible to transfer content from PS3 consoles to PS Vita systems. However, the contents can still be downloaded directly to PS3 or PS Vita, or they can be transferred via PC“.

This means that through the Content Manager Assistant it is however possible to transfer games from PC to PS Vita, but since this is a fairly old program, the chances of it not working properly are quite high. This decision stems from the fact that Sony decided to make both platforms Safer, despite having announced a few months ago to stop supporting the latest PS3 model. Either way, this choice could create several inconveniences to all those who still used this function and who therefore transferred games between PS3 And PS Vita.