PS Plus, PS1 and PSP games will not support online multiplayer

The PS1 and PSP games that will be featured in the new PS Plus will not have multiplayer

After having published a guide to the new subscription tiers, which we remember will start the next June 23, PlayStation has released new information regarding the games PS1 And PSP that will land in the catalog. In fact, yesterday, it was revealed that Worms World Party would have had the option to support online multiplayerbut it was just a misunderstanding.

With a recent announcement, in fact, PlayStation wanted to confirm that the games PS1 And PSP present in PS Plus will not support any kind of multiplayer functionality online, at least for now. However, these versions will include several additional features such as i quick saves, rewind actions, filters and much more.

The first classics featured in the PS Plus subscription have appeared on the PlayStation Store Asia

The detail that made fans hope on the alleged possibility of being able to take advantage of multiplayer even for the classics PS1 And PSP was present in the description of Worms World Party; in fact it stated: “Access the fantastic “Wormpot” which offers you over 1000 different play styles. All modes are available offline, online, or a combination of both!“.

Being reported right on the PlayStation Store, the information was thought to be true but this is not the case. Shortly after, in fact, the page in question was modified to correct what appears to have been an oversight by the staff responsible for compiling the description. Now, in fact, it is no longer possible to see the wording “online multiplayer”, implying that only the local one is available.

It would seem, therefore, that all games PS1, PSP And PS2 they will not support online multiplayer as an additional feature, at least not at the launch of the new one PS Plus. However, that is not necessarily the case PlayStation do not decide to support this feature in the future with future subscription updates.