PS Plus is loved by users, Sony discloses the results of its investigation

Sony has released the results resulting from an investigation conducted on PS Plus

Recently, Sony conducted an investigation into PS Plus and has now shared a new financial report which, among other things, shows how i players are largely satisfied of the service offered by PlayStation. After the various rumors that have created discontent among users, this is certainly unsettling news.

In the report, you can see how the 72% of the players are satisfied with the service, giving them a score from eight to ten. Furthermore, well the 33% gave to PS Plus the highest grade, which provides for a categorization of “extremely satisfied“.

PS Plus satisfies a large number of subscribers

As can be seen from the data that you can consult yourself at the end of the article, the 36% of players subscribe to PS Plus to play online and the 30% in order to take advantage of the monthly games which are released. Furthermore, the 21% subscribe to take advantage of exclusive discounts and the 13% in order to access the cloud storage memory.

Other interesting data also emerged from the aforementioned report: a March 2022 the 69% of the subscribers were players in possession of a PlayStation 4so only the 31% they were players PlayStation 5. Obviously, this is due to the fact that the units available to the new console are still few and cannot meet the demand.

Finally, it can be seen how PS Plus had a drop in subscribers in fiscal year 2021, but we would like to remind you that the service had had a great success in the previous year, mainly due to the pandemic situation that involved the whole world.