Project Edinburgh, rumors for a Portable Xbox are back

Already emerged in the past, the name Project Edinburgh it is not new to those who follow the movements at Microsoft in terms of Hardware development. But let’s try to tidy up a bit.

Project Edinburgh and Xbox Portable, do they really exist?

In the last few hours the always well informed Tom Warren struggling with his Steam Deck and version xCloud of games Xboxhe had pointed out as the excellent experience obtained by combining technologies Microsoft at the Valve laptop had kindled in him the hope that Xbox could make a sort of official portable console Xbox:

I got Xbox Cloud Gaming up and running on the Steam Deck, and now I’m more convinced than ever that Microsoft should make an Xbox laptop

Tom Warren

Well, nothing you will say, and you would also be right, if it weren’t for the fact that a subsequent tweet of his made you suspicious for the too much precision of the words used. As we said earlier, in fact, an old leak had confirmed the development of a new hardware at home Microsoft which responds to the name of Project Edinburgh.

In response to his tweet another insider of the universe intervened Xbox who in response stated: maybe you will make your wish come true.

This led Tom Warren to reply with a: “I don’t count, but if that happens we’ll see you in Edinburgh for a beer“.

What obviously stands out is the use of the word Edinburghclear reference just to Project Edinburghwhich for the more mischievous like idle Sloth it is more than just a coincidence.

Clearly we are sailing in the pure sea of ​​conjectures, in fact at the moment there do not seem to be other references that would confirm the will to Microsoft to develop a portable console, although it is true that if Redmond’s plans are these surely they will have tried to keep everything away from eyes and indiscreet voices.

What is strange though is that often when journalists of the caliber of Jez Corden And Tom Warren they start joking so openly with obvious references, usually it’s because only really aware of something new (they used the same methods with Forza Horizon 5 and the Mexican setting ed).

Obviously we just have to wait for the next 12 June to find out if there are really works in progress by Xbox on a portable version of Xboxat the moment therefore Project Edinburgh it is purely mere speculation.