Pro Player fired for his mother’s health condition

An esports Pro-Player was fired, presumably due to the state of health of the mother, and this caused quite a stir.

Team SMG was targeted after allegedly firing a member of his team because he thought his mother’s terminal illness would negatively affect his esports performance.

Team SMG has announced its separation from the player from Dota 2 Michael “Ninjaboogie” Rossthe announcement came through the official Twitter account, thanking Ross for his enthusiasm, hard work and dedication.

However, the team refrained from commenting noting the reasons behind this player’s departure.

In replies to the tweet, Ross told the team to disclose the real reason for his exemptionlater claiming that the team had turned him away due to his mother’s poor health.

Ross explained in a separate tweet that his mother had a stroke due to stage four cancerbefore he had to board a flight to meet the team and conduct a training camp that would take place over the next six days.

Ross allegedly asked the team to be able to postpone his flight in order to be able to stand next to his mother, and reassured the team that he still wanted to compete in eSports.

The same player goes on to state that the team, after being briefed by him, instead held a meeting without including him by mass deciding to fire him due to your mother’s health, stating that this could negatively affect his performance.

Kicked out because I wanted to be next to my mother in her last days of life, and they thought this would affect my performance for the worse.

Ross said, adding:

“I have known for a long time that this time would come, as she had stage 4 cancer. She passed away on Monday, imagine being fired because you are about to lose a loved one forever. “

It is worth pointing out, however, that the information about the dismissal comes from the tweets of Michael Ross himself, and the SMG Team, nor did other members respond to these allegations.